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15,550 members

Join up for the best MW3/ WZ/ Fortnite/ MW2/ MW19/ CW/ HELLDIVERS 2 - Console/PC Services! WE ALSO HAVE CHEAP COD-POINTS 15k+ Customers✅ 2k+ Reviews✅ Unlock tools! Console/PC Services! Chairs! ESPI HWID SpOOfers! 0% Ban Rate. 100% UD

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Yiff in general.

261 members

yiff server ;3

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The Yiff Mansion

228 members

A very fresh place for you to connect and yiff! You're able to switch between gay and straight content or view both~ Explore your fantasies with fellow furballs in our cozy mansion. owo Let's get this going, shall we? UwU <3 I love you pervs =w=

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Lewdest Dungeon

2,969 members

Welcome to the Lewdest Dungeon you'll ever find! We're a roleplay server for SFW and NSFW RPs! 1: Big roleplay sections 2: Art sharing 3: Active members and staff 4: Bot games to do when bored 5: Section dedicated to yiff Yiff viewing sections

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Gay Yiff Emojis

2,252 members

Gay furry yiff emojis. you suggest em', we make em'. (NSFW: 18+)

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yiff central

180 members

porn server made for furries

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The Yiff Sanctuary [18+]

11,424 members

(๑>؂•̀๑) 💜 Hey there cutie~ Our server is dedicated to dirty minded furs like you! Looking to ERP, share yiff, get lewd, or just hang out? Our sanctuary is the place for your horny side~ ;3 💜

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Yiff University 🎓

1,788 members


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𓆩𓆪 𝘠𝘪𝘧𝘧𝘏𝘶𝘣¹⁸⁺

9,010 members

☆ · 🔞YIFFHUB FURRY FUCKFEST!🔞 · ☆ ╭✦ ︶꒷꒦・⎯⎯・⎯⎯・ ♡ˎˊ˗ ┇😽・ ˎ Self Promotion Available ┇😽・ ˎ Hot Erotic Roleplay Scenarios! ┇😽・ ˎ Assorted Enhanced Smash Or Pass Channels! ┇😽・ ˎ HD Furry Porn Comics! ┇😽・ 18+ ANDROID YIFF GAMES ╰ ✦ ・⎯⎯・⎯⎯・ ♡ˎˊ˗

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641 members

🌟 Join our vibrant German/English Furry Server – all are welcome! | Minecraft, Art Corner, Roleplay, Memes, Yiff in Adult Space

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The Mutt Hut

634 members

Welcome to The Mutt Hut! a primarily gay server for adult furrys to hang out and socialise there are plenty of yiff channels. video/voice chat. ERP and more! this server is very NSFW and 18+ feel free to join our growing community!~

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~Ringos furry hub~

60 members

furry hub yiff and irl content

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