ChillZone | Social β€’ Egirls β€’ A…

514,649 members

Meet new people in active voice and text chat, instantly! We have 500,000+ members, custom bots and economy, gambling and slots, nitro giveaways, fun events, stickers, soundboards, memes, fun chats, funny people, and many people in VC at all times!

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Hollandia RP

237 members

Hollandia is een Gezellige Redm roleplay community met leuke mensen en staff die naar jou luistert. ben je NL/BE en lijkt het je leuk om als cowboy of outlaw te spelen? join ons dan snel en dan zien we jou gauw!

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Eternal Eclipse [RP]

56 members

The Triad, foul creators of the Eternal Eclipse which plagues our world, fight against all living things. With their army of Nightmares and their mortal allies, they fight a bloody war against The Protectorate for control of the world.

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π™Ύπš πš†πšŽπšŽπšπšœ π™°πš—πš πš†πš’πš•πšπšπš•πš˜πš πšŽπš›πšœβ”†BNHA RP

94 members

ACCEPTING OC & CC┆Say hello to Of Weeds and Wildflowers (OWAW for short)! This server here is going to be one of your best bets if you're looking for casual, semi-lit-and-up rp in a server that's not too big, strict, or demanding! Come and grow with us!

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League of legends/Riot Points

167 members

League of legends Riot point service. Cheap RIOT POINTS, CHEAP RP, SAFE RIOT POINTS, SAFE RP, RP, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, LoL, Wildrift, TFT, riot gaming, riot games, riot, skins, lol skins, cheap skins, lol accounts, lol skins

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Genshin Gone Wild [18+ RP]

410 members

**Genshin Gone Wild** is an 18+ roleplay server dedicated to the Genshin Impact universe.

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The Long Night - Dark Fantasy R…

191 members

New RP project inspired by: Elden Ring, Castlevania, Bloodborne and various Anime Keywords: Dark Fantasy, RP, ERP, Roleplay, Erotic Roleplay, Novella, Literate, Vampires, Damned, Undead, Mythology, Gods, Pirate

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Galileo RP

36 members

Galileo is a NEW plot-driven Sci-Fi roleplay. Set in the 23rd Century, you play as the crew of the Galileo, a stolen starship packed with whistle-blowers, rebels and outlaws fleeing from the Federation, a corrupt colonialist force of Earth’s superpowers.

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Neo Chroma | Furry Cyberpunk …

98 members

A dystopia for some, a utopia for others... π™‰π™šπ™€ π˜Ύπ™π™§π™€π™’π™–, The city of endless nights!

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Four-Corners RP

23 members

Welcome to Four Corners! This is a roleplay server centered around the theme of factions. There are 4 in total, Each one having its own unique push and pull factors, and are somewhat rivaled against each other. Almost all characters are welcome here!

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Galaxy's RP Finder

31 members

A place to find role play partners

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Gulf State RP

135 members

Gulf State Rp is a vmenu Florida based fivem server with qbcore releasing soon. we have daily patrols, friendly staff, and overall a fun community to be apart of. Come check us out today. For more info check out our page.

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