Terms & Conditions

What does this terms & conditions page cover?

This page sets out to cover the guidelines and rules for using our website, If you feel uncomfortable with any of these terms for usage, please discontinue using our service immediately.

We reserve the right to change any of these rules at any and all times, for further reading, please also refer to our privacy policy

How do I contact you?

Us (the webmasters of can be reached through our dedicated discord support server, which can be joined here. Once you have joined, please make a support ticket, and our staff will do their best to assist you as soon as possible.

We reserve the right to suspend or withdraw our site at any moment without notice

As the webmasters and sole operators of, we hereby reserve the right to suspend our operations without any notice to our users. We cannot guarantee any level of uptime, but we will, of course do our best to inform users about any planned downtime or maintenance. claims no responsibility for users account details

Users may login and use our site via their discord account. At we are not, and physically cannot be responsible for login details. This is because they are stored with the discord service, not us.

It is your responsibility to keep these account details safe, and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who claims to have lost their discord account details.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information on our website cannot, and will not claim the accuracy of any content displayed on our website. Most of the content is user generated and our site is not intended to be advice in which individuals should rely on to make important decisions. Users should seek professional advice before making any decisions based on content seen on our website.

We are not responsible and do not endorse any external websites linked on

As most of the content on our website is user generated, it’s impossible to check all of the websites linked by users. Therefore, we recommend users do their own research before clicking any links on our website, as we cannot guarantee the legitimacy or safety of any external websites linked.

We will, however, do our best to keep a safe place for all. If users notice any suspicious links, please report it to our staff team in our Discord support server and we will deal with this as soon as possible.

Usage guidelines for

The works of include it’s design, appearance, and functionality are our own intellectual property, and we claim their rights. These rights are protected by international copyright laws. We reserve all of these rights.

We refuse to allow anyone to use parts of our website for their own commercial gain without our knowledge. This includes our extensive emoji database.

We are excluded from any damage or loss suffered

We cannot be liable for any damage or loss in profits resulting from usage of our website. This includes things like loss of reputation, loss of business, and any indirect commercial damages.

We are not responsible for any content found on is a listing site, filled with user generated content. It’s therefore impossible for us to moderate the submission of every new listing, therefore, we cannot approve of any content found on our site.

Ultimately, the views, opinions, and values cannot and do not represent the views of as an entity, or it’s employed staff. If you notice any hateful, racist, or suspicious content, please report it though the correct channels in our Discord support server.

Any purchases cannot be guaranteed in the event of downtime

Although we will do our best to offer the highest quality support we can, we cannot guarantee the validity of any purchased subscriptions on our website in an event of website downtime.

All purchases are completely non-refundable

Due to the nature of our operation, we hereby state that all digital purchases made on our website made for any subscriptions cannot and will not be refunded for any reason.

If you do not agree to these terms, please simply do not make a purchase.

We are not responsible for website bugs and security threats

Us as the webmasters will do our best to keep our website safe and secure for all users, however, occasionally things may slip through the cracks and security issues or website bugs may arise.

If we are made aware of any issues, we will do our best to fix them in a timely manner, however, it’s impossible for us (as any website out there) to completely guarantee that our service is both completely free from software bugs and potential lapses in security.

We are not affiliated with Discord is not affiliated in any way with the Discord service and does not claim to be otherwise. This fact is also clearly highlighted in the footer of every single page of our website.

We reserve the right to remove any content on our website

The staff team and webmasters of reserve the right to remove any content at the discretion of their own free will without notifying the creator of such content.

Content is hosted on our own hardware, therefore, by default we have free will to decide what content we would like to have displayed to users on our website.

In event of a policy breach

Users who fail to adhere to the policy guidelines outlined by this document will be asked to discontinue using our site. If this is not agreed to, we reserve the right to ban any user from, including banning their Discord ID from logging in and in serious cases IP banning said users from our website.

If you notice content, or a user intending to (or currently) breaching these terms, please make a support ticket in our Discord support server detailing the issue and we will get back to you ASAP.