Trials of Fantasy
Trials of Fantasy
2,857 members

A Final Fantasy XIV community dedicated to helping New Players, with a focus on the FFXIV Free Trial. 🌱 💗

The Crystal Fantasy
The Crystal Fantasy
647 members

Welcome there, crystal seekers! A Final Fantasy server that is dedicated to creating a good, friendly, and helpful community for FF fans and players

Fleet’s Fantasy
Fleet’s Fantasy
10,470 members

Welcome to Fleet's Fantasy, the home to all those that love Discord!

Wutai Nation | FINAL FA…
1,569 members

A friendly, active and all-accepting community for all your FINAL FANTASY XIV ONLINE needs! |

The Fantasy World™
The Fantasy World™
810 members

The Fantasy World é um servidor do Discord dedicado a todos os interessados em socializar!

Daft Football - Fantasy…
323 members

Fantasy Football Tokens on the Blockchain Coming soon. Join and stay tuned!

Moonshadow Fantasy
264 members

Wel Met! My name is Makarios Moonshadow AKA Maka; I'm a Content Creator for Final Fantasy XIV, and Leader of the Free Company "Umbra". You can find amazing FFXIV things from videos to art on: You Tube, and Our Server Famfrit, both @ Moonshadow Fantasy

Reveia | Medieval Fantasy RP
Reveia | Medieval Fanta…
213 members

A Medieval Fantasy Roleplay Server! Create a character in a vast, open world torn by conflict. Battle mystical beasts and harness magic to influence the world around you. Build your legacy. Join Reveia today!

Tower Of Fantasy Türkiye
189 members

TOF Turkey Server: Anomora Tower of Fantasy, Anime tarzı bir MMORPG oyundur. Biz bu oyundaki ilk [TR] discord sunucusu olup oyuncular arasında dostça bir topluluk kurmaya karar verdik! Senide aramıza bekliyoruz~ (´。• ω •。`)-❤ (´• ω •`)ノ

Lilo Fantasy✔
125 members

Lilo Fantasy NFT, The First Utilities Lottery Win Every Week For Holders & MiniGameFi Ecosystem Solana.

Old World Fantasy
Old World Fantasy
122 members

The Old World is a dark fantasy roleplaying community inspired by settings such as Dark Souls and Berserk.

Blu Fantasy Online
Blu Fantasy Online
105 members

This is the server of Blu Fantasy Online LLC, here in our discord you can find our BFO|RPGMMO minecraft server and our custom designed plugins!

kaiters and heavens fan…
21 members

at this server kaiter and heavens fantasy we are all about fun creativity and gaming we hope you enjoy this server if you don't make sure to suggest what to do

Fantasy Think Tank
20 members

For fantasy authors, enthusiasts, and roleplayers.

Renevys: A Fantasy Serv…
15 members

At the confluence of planes, all is not what it seems- and in the kingdom of Renevys, it is only a matter of time before mystical forces come to claim the world at large. An RP server looking for active members.

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