◓Pokémon: Crossroad Chronicles◓ 18+ RP/ERP
◓Pokémon: Crossroad Chr…
919 members

--[Pokemon: Lewd League]-- An (e)RP server where you can play as your favorite Pokemon character, or even your own Original Character! We offer a mix between ERP and Story Driven content. All forms of RP are welcomed and encouraged here.

Erp Realm Palace
500 members

ERP Realm Palace (or ERP for short) is a server focused around public ERP with a minor overall story coming later on. you can create a character and send it in a channel for all to see, then a bot (made by me) automatically registers it.

Hope High (ERP 18+)
Hope High (ERP 18+)
72 members

Hope High is not a high school, it’s a college. What it IS though is an 18+ Undertale and Deltarune ERP server.

Lewd Maid Hotel ERP
Lewd Maid Hotel ERP
219 members

🏩 Active in-server ERP-focused 18+ love hotel! ✨100+ active roleplayers, channels and 1000s of OCs! 🛡️ Character-focused, not dating server! 💵 [VIP] Activity Achievements/Rewards 💖 GET RP FAST 🖋️ One-liners/Multi-para - All writers welcome!

Deer’s erp and stash
172 members

Furry erp and nsfw

Muri ERP - Recreation
205 members

Join Muri Island now! We provide channels for NSFW content, ERP posts, and more! And possibly a public minecraft/terraria server! - RECREATOIN -

Fairy Tail: Mavis Unive…
58 members

A friendly and open ERP server based on the Japanese franchise "Fairy Tail" with a unique take on it. A what-if take when you combine aspects of RWBY and Fairy Tail together.

Crossroads (18+ ERP Ser…
53 members

The Crossroads is an 18+ Character based ERP server hoping to build an active roleplay community.

need someone who will e…
51 members

I need someone to erp as noodle from gorillaz

Demon slayer Erp
29 members

An Demon slayer Erp Server with a kind owner open to suggestions, a bunch of different ideas, and no kink shaming!

L’école des filles [YUR…
20 members

un serveur school rp pour les amateur de Yuri

erp request
14 members

Your average erp request discord server ! I don't really know what to say, check the channels for details yk ? Only join if you're at least semi-literate and alright with playing fandom / canon characters !

Lientra [ERP]
6 members

Ein einfacher deutsch sprachlicher disclrd Server der sich an rp und erp Interessierte richtet. Erstellt eure Charaktere und sucht eich einen Partner um in euren eigenen rps oder in fandom rps zu spielen.

Looking for hypno brawl…
1 members

Looking for people who are willing to have an erp related to the server

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