The Furry Sanctuary
The Furry Sanctuary
7,239 members

We Pride ourselves on being a small, tight knit community for furs and non furs!

The Furry Assembly
The Furry Assembly
19,433 members

☆ 100% SFW community! ☆ Welcoming & friendly members, experienced staff! ☆ A multitude of giveaways & events! ☆ 500 cute emojis + 60 stickers! ☆ Unique theme: futuristic royalty! ☆ Dedicated artist category! ☆ Active voice channels! ... and more!

The Furry Lounge
The Furry Lounge
2,398 members

Welcome To the Furry Lounge a furry server where you can meet new furries, chat and have a good time!

The Furry Nexus
The Furry Nexus
81,951 members

We're proud to be the biggest furry server on Discord! We have everything from art / commissioning channels, gaming, roleplay, and more!

The Furry Pawsmos 🐾
The Furry Pawsmos 🐾
15,199 members

✨Welcome explorer✨Pawsmos🐾 is a welcoming community built on creating a non-toxic environment for everyone to enjoy themselves. we take pride in being the safest furry server, where we prioritize our members instead of numbers.

❄ New Artic 🐾
❄ New Artic 🐾
1,159 members

O New Artic é uma comunidade furry a qual tenta acomodar todos! Nesta comunidade você pode interagir, encontrar novas amizades e mais!

Slender's fluff fort
Slender's fluff fort
248 members

Heyo! Looking for an inviting server to chat on and make friends? The Fluff Fort is just the server for you! We try to develop good conversations and encourage friendships. The community are generally furry, but we accept all! 💜 ❤️ 💜 ❤️ 💜 ❤️ 💜

576 members

Small, Friendly Furry-Based Server with SFW + NSFW, RP, Gaming, Memes, and more!

★ Romanian Furry Fandom 🐾
★ Romanian Furry Fandom…
653 members

Welcome! Masterfurry presents Furry Romania - Open your mind and get into the magic world of furry where it's bursting with fun, freedom, and diversity, blended into a relaxing atmosphere. Jump right in! We keep everybody comin' back for more.

Furry Kinks
560 members

Furry Kinks is a Furry Friendly Community for all furries as well as a Store. We accept all willing to join our community and provide entertainment to those who show interest. We Strive to Bring New ideas and fun to the generation of 2021.

The FurHouse
73 members

❗️ Furry Server ❗️ We’re a small Furry/Non-Furry Community server that’s open to everyone!

90 members

FURREN TAG - Polish-English Furry Server

The Underworld
47 members

a place for anyone furry and non-furry

Furry Chills
45 members

Welcome to Furry Chills we are glad to have you here underneath is some things that you can do here enjoy yourself and make friends !!

The Paw Peeps
34 members

🐾THE PAW PEEPS (TPP) Furry Discord Server🐾 A new 13+ LGTBQIA+ furry discord server with many different features and a very nice clean simple design.

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