6,795 members

A community for LGBTQ+ people to relax in each other's company

LGBT+ Family & Games
LGBT+ Family & Games
4,630 members

We are a LGBT+ community providing a safe space to chat, play games, watch movies, and a whole lot more! Check out #newbies to get started.

Anicord - Anime & LGBTQ+ [GER/DE]
Anicord - Anime & LGBTQ…
3,103 members

[🇩🇪 German] Anicord ist eine Community mit Fokus auf Anime, Manga und LGBT

2,739 members

We're an LGBTQ+ community where anyone is welcome! All of our members will support you to the best of their ability whether you feel comfortable venting, coming out, or asking for advice. We have channels for every sexuality and gender, as well as bots.

723 members

LGBTQIA+ BRASIL! - TRANSMISSÃO ONLINE DO MUNDIAL | Bate-Papo | Anime | Manga | Doramas | Videojogos | 18+

LGBTQIA+ Valorant
565 members

LGBTQIA+ Valorant is a place for girls, gays, theys, and allies to hang out and play a fun game in a comfortable environment!

The LGBT+ Safespace
64 members

An Italian/English speaking server for LGBTQ+ people and their allies to feel safe and make friends. Other Languages welcome :)

Alt. and LGBTQ+ Germany
Alt. and LGBTQ+ Germany
282 members

⋆﹥﹤⋆ Für alle die einen alternative Style haben und/oder der LGBTQ+ Community angehören 🏳️‍🌈 ⋆﹥﹤⋆

🌈Ceará LGBT+
🌈Ceará LGBT+
216 members

Servidor lgbt destinado para pessoa principalmente do Ceará

Lgbt Cafe <3
70 members

Come visit the Lgbt cafe the cafe is based off of the dark academia style! we have very many fun bots to mess with till your hearts content!

🌈 Love is love - LGBT C…
148 members

Hello, tu est LGBT ? ou juste un allié ? Tu parle français ? Alors ce serveur est fait pour toi ! Love Is Love est un serveur crée pour la communauté LGBT, mais tout le monde y est le bienvenue !

Les LGBTQIA+ de Troyes …
131 members

Anti-LGBTQ+ Debaters
106 members

Anti-LGBTQ+ Debaters is a server that goes against the LGBTQ+ community, debates its issues. We are not a hate group, however we are against the LGBTQ+ community. We don't hold responsibility to attacks that happen to LGBTQ+ members in this server.

Afterlife | LGBTQ+
91 members

Wir sind ein kleiner aber feiner LGBTQ+ Discord Server, auf der Suche nach neuen Mitgliedern! Wir freuen uns auf Dich! Schau doch gerne nochmal in der Beschreibung vorbei

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