Socialize | Active VC Server • Hangout • Voice Chat • Call • Social • Chill • Anime • Memes • Emotes
Socialize | Active VC S…
385,503 members

The most active VC server with over 300k members ☆ Packed Calls ☆ Chill Voice Chats ☆ Addicting Server Bots ☆ Cool Fun Events ☆ Giveaways ☆ Dating Memes ☆ Gaming ☆ Emotes ☆ Anime Popular Social Vcs ☆ More! Come chat, hangout and join our community vc's !

The Frog Kingdom
The Frog Kingdom
91 members

The Frog Kingdom is a CHILL server where you can: Make Friends Promote your content Talk to bots Earn Rewards through events Play games such as Minecraft Listen to Music! This server is for people who want to have a fun time and laugh

AD3PT Interactive
28 members

Official Server of AD3PT Interactive. Currently developing the game Amorphous for PC, coming to steam:

10,259 members

💰 Welcome to the GambleVerse 💰 Daily $100 Free-To-Enter Poker Cash Tournaments | The Most Innovative Gambling Discord | 💵 Free Cash Giveaways 💵 | 🎰 Interactive Gambling Streams 🎰 | 📱Exclusive App in Development 📱| 🤖 Custom-Built Server Bot 🤖

Jag Interactive Studios
23 members

Studio that makes roblox games.

Blackout Interactive
77 members

Leap Interactive
78 members

Leap Interactive is a community server, topic of which is a new Roblox experience dev-log. Right now there's only one project, but soon when it will be done we will start making another ones for you to try out!

Insignia Interactive
Insignia Interactive
128 members

We're a server focused on gamedev. We aim to create a community where people can help and learn from each other!

Llama Interactive Studi…
102 members

This server is for anything related to Roblox and any games made by LIS.

🎀🎨Kass' Litter🎨🎀
🎀🎨Kass' Litter🎨🎀
483 members

🎀✧༺✨⋆° Smol friendly furry art server °⋆✨༻✧🎀

CamSoda Official
CamSoda Official
61,275 members

Welcome to The Official CamSoda Server. Daily original content from verified creators. Chill and have fun with us!

Online Languages ®
26,426 members

Online Languages is a dedicated server hosting interactive language-related activities: learning, teaching, studying, translating and exchanging. We Offer: English, French, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Poli

MW3 / MW2 - DMZ Global : Call of Duty
MW3 / MW2 - DMZ Global …
2,108 members

DMZ Global is the fastest growing CoD server, Friendly Operators & nice environment.

Hush: A Writing Rolepla…
110 members

An 18+ modern day writing roleplay realm inspired by a combination Trueblood / Southern Vampire novels and the Anita Blake series. Species in play include Human, Vampire (of many bloodlines), Lycan (of many species), Merfolk (mermaids), and Fae.

1,635 members

Welcome to Brewing! A kitchen-themed adult-oriented server! We here at brewing hope to provide a free-speech SFW-based social server geared towards adults.

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