Der Server — Discussions about …

13,800 members

A welcoming community where you can delve into discussions on politics, history, current events, and all your passions. Active members of our community even have the chance to earn free video games.

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Selenic Teahouse

44 members

small and chill LGBT+ friendly’ server (preferably for 18+ members) focused on: • sapphic/wlw medias • original characters • creation • VNs like umineko and the house in fata morgana with spoiler channels • indie games and video games

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RareVideoGames Umbrella

309 members

A server about collecting video games, new and old.

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GameFace Video Chat & Games

66 members

GameFace is an video chat gaming app. Oh and we are launching our own token soon. Come join our growing community!

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🤰Mommy Industries🫃

37 members

My server is a mixture of just chatting with friends and updates on when I stream. I love to talk to new people and play video games, so if you like video games and to make new friends, join my server.

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100+ Gamer Emojis | Gaming Emot…

681 members

100+ of the BEST Gamer Emojis Ever! 🎮 100+ Emojis 🎮 Custom designed Emojis you won't find elsewhere 🎮 Most popular Gamer Emojis on the web in one place 🎮 Accepting Emoji Submissions 🎮 Friendly & Helpful community Stop waiting and join now!

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Game Tester

18,135 members

Game Tester brings gamers & developers together from all over the world - rewarding testers for providing fast & detailed feedback at scale.

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Muucav Empire

113 members

A place for people to play video games and chat with others :) New gaming community focused on friend making as well as chatting and video games :)

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192 members

This Server is about Anime, Video games and Hang out :D !

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Game Champions

5,904 members

The biggest online community of gamers who earn money playing video games. 18+ Only. Play Responsibly.

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Mandelbrot Games

97 members

Welcome to our game server. We play TTRPGs, CCGs, and video games together. Please actually read the rules.

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Live, Work and Game

59 members

Aloha! 🌈🌊☀️ 🎮🎮We are a family who loves playing video games. We spend our time bonding with games.🎮🎮 Please join us in the games we play: Escape From Tarkov, Roblox, Among Us, Fornight and much much more

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