The Black Diaspora (International)
The Black Diaspora (Int… Sponsor

A predominantly over 30's all-black community server. Expect to meet new people, hang out, share resources, and learn more about others who look just like you.

Coding World
Coding World
1,926 members

Hello there! we are a community focussed around programming the perfect place to come together with people or get support with coding

World of Coding | Programming, Code, Infosec, Hacking, Tech, Linux, Cybersec, Python, Java
World of Coding | Progr…
21,881 members

WoC provides all types of help with programming to tech and Linux to Windows! We even have infosec/tech or even Cyber Security help!

3,397 members

We are a coding community for learning and getting help with your coding issues, like - Python, Java, C++, C#, Go, JavaScript, VB, and SQL-Database. ✌We also help with your coding homework assignments, and some Computer Science questions.✌

Coding Minutes
Coding Minutes
17,206 members

This is the official Discord Server of Coding Minutes - A Server for Coding and Computer Science Enthusiasts

Coding Support
2,088 members

A server that will help you with coding and programming in ANY language!

100 Days of Coding Chal…
367 members

We're doing the #100DaysOfCode challenge and keeping each other accountable on Discord. Also we have giveaways for if you join our challenge :) . Hopefully programming classes soon too

Citrus: Community
Citrus: Community
122 members

🍋 This is a community of programmers and developers who share a passion for coding and software development.

Developer Space
364 members

A server for programmers who are interested in socializing with like-minded people. You can ask for coding help or help out others. Events such as coding competitions are hosted frequently.

Aao Code Kare
276 members

AAO CODE KARE is a non-profit organization where new comers and professionals associate with each other and contribute to the community. Learn coding from experienced developers, job & internship opportunities, gaming, streaming and much more.

The Coding Empire
173 members

The Coding Empire is a small community for developers or non developers to meet and make friends.Everyone are welcome to join our awesome community.
204 members is a community coding server! And it is also the support server for projects made by French Noodles (Such as Noodles bot & Noodles API)

Discord Coding & Progra…
64 members

A server where like minded people interested in tech and programming talk, with fair and transparent moderation.

Coder's World
49 members

Coder's World is a Cool Chatting , Gaming and Coding Community [All in one] , here we chat , play games , interact with bots and help each other in coding

49 members


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