Seaside Club
Seaside Club
17,726 members

Official Discord server of Seaside Investment Club. Apex Humanity NFTs Collection

King Of The Jungle👑
King Of The Jungle👑
8,198 members

Can you win in an Online Casino without even playing? YESKOTJ is a Community Driven NFT Project. We are building Online Casinos and reward NFT holders with 70% of the Casinos Profit just for holding an NFT. Be the House and earn Passive Income!

4,195 members

What is the future of AiAvatars? For each avatar there will be an unlockable content (chapter), A Chapter will describe the history of the avatar. Avatars can have siblings, family members, enemies & much more.

💧 Drippy Worlds 🩸
💧 Drippy Worlds 🩸
2,067 members

Welcome to🩸Drippy Worlds💧we're happy to have you!

Exile XCIX
1,274 members

For centuries and through dimensions, a governing elite 1% have put in place rules, regulations and restrictions to control the ‘remainder’. Outcast from their own dimensions, a gang of Exiles band together to fight for the remainder.

The Bloodhound Club
626 members

Official Server for Squid Games Chronicles NFT Collection on OpenSea

534 members

The StonerSquad is a Collection of 1 unique randomly generated Stoners vibing on the Polygon Blockchain. Join our Community for Daily Giveaways, Voting for Charities and more!

Mad Kids
Mad Kids
120 members

Reptilian Elite Cult
402 members

Become part of our secret cult and get your own unique 🦎reptilian🦎

Empire Skygen
367 members

The COOLEST Upcoming NFT Project. Our Biggest Priority Is Delivering High-Quality Pieces To Our Great Community! 700+ Unique NFT'S Too Get!

Cool Coati Club NFT
Cool Coati Club NFT
176 members

6,000 hand-drawn coatis with +400 different items and 20 bodies 1 Coati sold = 1 tree we plant public sale: Feb 26 0.035 ETH

Diaries of Hope
156 members

Discord server of Diaties of Hope NFT project

Powries Throne
133 members

Powries Throne are 3,333 evil goblins generated as Non Fungible Tokens (NFTS) stored on Polygon blockchain.

GameBoyz Color Club
88 members

GameBoyz on ETH chain with post utility mint! Join our discord to partecipate in big giveaways and have fun with us!

Forest Hero Club
Forest Hero Club
75 members

We are building a leading and transparent tree-planting project in web3.

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