Stasis Network | STS
Stasis Network | STS
6,509 members

Yield rewarding Treasury. Lifetime rewarding NFT's. Treasury backed token. Yield Farming.

Toward Hemelslinn NFT
Toward Hemelslinn NFT
1,569 members

💫 Join the Toward Hemelslinn NFT community and become a part of Galaxias. An exciting adventure awaits you! ✨ 🎴 Come and discover the NFT collection, its fantastic features and discover the many utilities we have in store for the community. 🎉

2,323 members

Zpunks is a 3D animated collection of 1,000 unique collectible characters inspired by crypto punks. (900 humans, 50 apes, 35 zombies, 10 aliens, 4 bots, and 1 Bitcoin punk) Each specie has different attributes and rarity levels.

2,023 members

Welcome to the MemeGods Discord Server, the core of the MemeGods Project. Fueled by $MeGods Token, we offer customizable NFTs. We're dedicated to rewarding consumers, fostering meme culture, & future utility rewards. Join us now to begin your journey!

44,564 members

A Members Only Private Club in the ShibaBets Casino Metaverse - Hop in we are just getting started !

9,305 members

Foxxies is a limited collection of pieces. Each holder gets access to Elite Club and owns equal share of DAO Curated Art Platform.

8,444 members

This is the official CryptoCovids discord server, the home of the limited CryptoCovids NFT collection community, which are unique digital collectibles NFTs with proof of ownership that live on the Ethereum blockchain forever. Join Us Now ...

King Of The Jungle👑
King Of The Jungle👑
7,691 members

Can you win in an Online Casino without even playing? YESKOTJ is a Community Driven NFT Project. We are building Online Casinos and reward NFT holders with 70% of the Casinos Profit just for holding an NFT. Be the House and earn Passive Income!

6,524 members

Check our discord and Join to growing community . Only 100/1000 to sell. Full collection starting on 31/1/2022 !

Rise of Rhelegus
5,795 members

“If war is madness then Rhelegus is living in the apocalypse” — The True God of Xorbin. Programmatically generated unique NFTs waiting to be awakened on the ETH Blockchain.

Bored Camel Caravan Club
4,222 members

1 bored camel NFTS that live on the etherum blockcahin.

3,643 members


2,810 members

Pixelabz NFTs Discord server is Pixelabz community’s hive. In this place, events and games are organized in order to create a strong and fun community. Our objective is simple: sell out our 10k NFTs pieces collection after the mint starts.

2,749 members

The Official Creegz is a collection of unique generated Creegz NFT. They are a mix between Crocodiles and Pigs. We are doing many giveaways and other cool stuff so do not miss out!

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