21,684 members

Play-to-Earn 3D Zombie Killing Blockchain Game | Metaverse Concept | Genesis 3D NFT's

Supremacy: The Metaverse Game
Supremacy: The Metavers…
17,119 members

Mech War Game! Acquire digital collectible War Machines and battle in a 24/7 Battle Arena with your friends, crush your enemies with your Mech. Trade on the marketplace and build your empire!

Louise & Fred Metaverse Hair Salon
Louise & Fred Metaverse…
14,758 members


metaverse Job Japan
metaverse Job Japan
8,901 members

metaverse Job Japan Axie Infinity scholarship guild

Spacetime Metaverse
Spacetime Metaverse
6,077 members

In this project we are building a whole universe owned and managed by the users. 🎁Join the server for giveaways🎁

Osiris Metaverse
3,827 members

Osiris is a 2d metaverse game on mobile & pc. Cosmic Kids are NFT avatars of Osiris which grant access & earn you crypto.

PraeVerse - Metaverse V…
2,642 members

PraeVerse is a Metaverse - Universe - Inspired by Ready Player One and build on Unreal Engine 5 VR | AR | PC | Meta Gaming, Exploring, Fitness, Entertainment, Music and more. Join Our Server to be invited to Alpha Release and Live Demos.

Lost Boys of Metaverse
Lost Boys of Metaverse
2,487 members

NFT collection of 10.000 unique characters living inside the Metaverse! Get yours now!

Dracula Metaverse
Dracula Metaverse
2,128 members

Play & Earn game on Minecraft Earn $WRLD token, 3 Factions Fighting, Armor set in a PVE PVP content

Aventis Metaverse
Aventis Metaverse
1,633 members

The official discord server for the Aventis Metaverse

Tiluf - Meet strangers in Metaverse | Discuss community news
Tiluf - Meet strangers …
1,388 members

Tiluf is building the first decentralized mixed reality using its own blockchain network, native crypto, & AR/VR/XR. with Tiluf, you can create your own metaverse within minutes, by just using your mobile phone! Participate in $TLF coins giveaway

697 members

Thanks for joining the Just-MC (MetaVerse) Discord. Please familiarise yourself with server information and rules on the FAQ. Good luck ;)

397 members

222 members

Chessverse is a unique Play 2 Earn Chess Game in the metaverse. Players challenge each other for the $PAWN with their unique chessboards.

👾💻 Metaverse 💻👾
117 members

On this server expect to have fun and spend a good time!∬ Neste servidor espere divertir-se e passar um bom tempo de convívio!

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