BlockChain Babes
BlockChain Babes
1,677 members

A community channel created by Women and Men alike who are new or interested in discussing and sharing Crypto opinions, insights and alpha.

Cat on Blockchain - NFT…
1,617 members

Cat on Blockchain - NFT Community - News, Shilling, Promotion of NFT projects, and discussion about Crypto and NFTs. Visit: Follow:

627 members

A community for Javascript developers to learn blockchain!

Epic Eggs NFT
1,516 members

First Ever NFT Project Working on decreasing Unemployment Issue. EPIC EGGS NFT gives Free Access to REUNTO Educational Platform's Mini Degree Program from where holders can get a free admission pass (shareable) in any of the courses.

Second Earth
Second Earth
4,543 members

Second Earth (SE) is a great metaverse and a virtual space parallel to the real world, integrating various fields of expertise, including smart blockchain, VR, AR, AI, cloud service, game and e-commerce. It's a place where you can settle down and earn.

4,047 members

We create the ecosystem where blockchain and cannabis coexist 🌱 Cannumi | Planting Ideas, harvesting tokens.

Crypto Hub
538 members

Crypto Hub is a space for everyone interested in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in general.

The FEARZ - Universe
The FEARZ - Universe
2,401 members

DOSTOWN - is the web3 place where we connect artists, culture, and blockchain. WE DO NFT

761 members ___ our open webcam browser based chatroom : international community of cryptocurrency speculators

Space Warriors Club
Space Warriors Club
133,652 members

Owning a Space Warrior will grant you voting rights to shape the Space Warriors' Game using a DAO. Become part of an exclusive community and discover a new World rich in benefits and utilities.

78,804 members

HYPERSLOTHS is a collection of 8000 Unique 3D art pieces actively chilling on the Ethereum blockchain.

70,450 members

This is the official server of the Minima blockchain protocol - the most decentralized network for value and information transfer. Join if you're interested in decentralization, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain.

Health Hero
Health Hero
49,181 members

Create your own personalized digital trading card, earn digital collectible art (Non-Fungible Tokens / NFTs), and virtual land. A super fun decentralized social well-being game where you compete in weekly competitions & challenge
43,825 members

Mones is a Hero-collecting RPG where you collect over 200 hero characters, turn them into skilled warriors through training then fight in PvE/PvP battles to take over the kingdom.

Puzzle Hunters
42,140 members

🔥 CREATURE HUNTERS - Be the Hunter, kill the Creature 🔥 📌Creature Hunters is an online defense game with blockchain technology based on the original animation produced by Mogi Hitosi and Chstudio, based in Seoul, Korea.

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