Crypto by NasTrading
1,478 members

Welcome to Crypto by NasTrading! We cover all sorts of topics related to crypto, blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrency trading.

TMT Trading🧪
TMT Trading🧪
261 members

Welcome to TMT Trading! 💎Crypto Trades 💎Sports Betting 💎Live Trading Sessions💎Giveaways. Join and lets smash the market together.

Campus Town Trading
Campus Town Trading
5,136 members

Campus Town Trading is a trading and investing community that is all about uniting like-minded individuals with similar goals and aspirations. We focus on Stocks, Options, and Crypto. We provide educational tools, resources, and alerts for our members!

UpRise Traders
UpRise Traders
1,775 members

UpRise Traders is a community of likeminded individuals looking to achieve financial independence through day trading, swing trading, and long term investing in stocks, options, and crypto. Proven, consistently profitable signals daily for Free!

Toddy bear - Trading
Toddy bear - Trading
3,181 members

Welcome everyone! In this Adopt me server, you can do trades/ask about value/or just talk. And... there is always a GIVEAWAY in progress :)

34,244 members

Welcome to WALL STREET TRADING GROUP, we have over 75 Analysts. The idea is to have more eyes on the charts so that more trade entries are revealed. Enjoy 7 day free trial.

Trade Hub Stocks, Futures, & Crypto
Trade Hub Stocks, Futur…
21,423 members

Everything stocks, futures, & crypto | Active trading community | Trade signals, alerts, & analysis | When to buy - When to sell

Aurora Trading
Aurora Trading
17,935 members

Badass gang of stock market traders leading new average people to financial freedom. Education like no other and top tier alerts to help you break the chains from your 9 to 5 job.

Trading Warriors NFT - DAO/P2E/HEDGE FUND
Trading Warriors NFT - …
13,188 members

Trading Warriors is a browser game, developed on Polygon Blockchain, where players can battle, collect, raise, and improve their Warriors NFT.

PSX Trading | 12k+
PSX Trading | 12k+
12,298 members

🎉 Welcome to PSX Trading & Rewards, You can make new friends or a team to grind together with. You can find someone to trade your pets or gems with. You can earn rewards for all kinds of things so what are you waiting for... Hop in! 🎉

MCR Trading
MCR Trading
10,619 members

MCR Trading is the Biggest Free Trading Community in the World!

OnlyUp Trading
OnlyUp Trading
8,356 members

Follow our stock & crypto signals ➡ Make money! ✅ Free Stock & Crypto signals/alerts ✅ 📚 Educate yourself about investing and finance

Adopt Me Trading & Values
Adopt Me Trading & Valu…
8,022 members

─ ── ─── $ ⌈💰⌋〃About Server ⌕ Only server that has accurate adopt me value bot! ⌕ Active trading and values channels! ⌕ Multiple unique channels, functions and features for all verified members to enjoy!

Trading Alphas
Trading Alphas
7,407 members

👑Trading Alphas - Featured on Yahoo! Finance Investing EducationStock Market | Options Trading | Investing Education

Lune Trading
5,984 members

Lune Trading provides traders and investors of all experience levels with Premium TradingView Indicators, Algorithms, Strategies, Tools, and so much more for all markets and time frames.

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