25,814 members

ZTRADEZ is a stock-market education/info server, packed with in-depth information.

Tiger Free Stock Chat & Due Diligence
Tiger Free Stock Chat &…
6,859 members

Welcome to our FREE STOCK MARKET discord!! 💥 Daily Stocks💥 OTC Stocks 💥 Big Board Stocks 💥 Small Cap Stocks 💥 Stock charts 💥 Stock Due Diligence 💥 Stock Education 💥 Experienced Traders 💥 Free server 💥 No fees 💥 No hidden subscription 💥

Arlo Stocks
Arlo Stocks
25,750 members

Arlos stocks where we sell you robux for extremely cheap prices! all legit!

Student Stocks & Crypto
671 members

Community made by Students for Students to learn about investing. We help new people get started and frequently discuss trading ideas, 🥳🎁✅

Trade Hub Stocks, Futures, & Crypto
Trade Hub Stocks, Futur…
36,164 members

Everything stocks, futures, & crypto | Active trading community | Trade signals, alerts, & analysis | When to buy - When to sell

Bebo's stocks ®
Bebo's stocks ®
3,878 members

This server is the cheapest roblox market you'll see today! We are offering cheap : robux, accounts limiteds , and just fortnite accounts, otherwise its about roblox mainly. This is a legit trusted marketplace, we also offer middleman services

1,415 members

This server provides the latest news and tips about the stock market, crypto-currency and any other business/related topics. We aim to be the biggest and most active server which can help the community with knowledge.👾

Bullistic Stocks
355 members

Bullistic Stocks is a server where retail investors can come together and talk about everything stocks! Get alerts on the latest growing stocks before they grow and so much more!

Phantom Stocks & Chill
306 members

Free Stock Calls. With Multiple Gaming, Movie, And Music Channels!

AD Stocks
252 members

Welcome to AD Stocks. One of the most profitable trading discord you'll ever see. We share the most profitable trading strategies out there, we have back tested over 100 trading strategies and we are sharing the best out of them!

76 members

A friendly & cooperative environment for people who are enthusiastic about stocks or looking to hustle! We encourage you to talk to others and learn as much as you can! Loads of invaluable information is exchanged here everyday. Find people just like you!

17,301 members

The ultimate Stocks and Options Trading Chatroom with the best Stock Alerts. Includes Stock Trading Alerts, Stock Watchlist, Stock scanners, Stock Algo bot Alerts. The best place to learn to trading penny stocks and make money!

Campus Town Trading
Campus Town Trading
12,653 members

The #1 Discord Trading Server! ✅ Daily Live Trading ✅ Entries & Exits ✅ Educational Content ✅ Trading Analysis ✅ Mentors ✅ 24/7 Support ✅ Market News ✅ Trade with Experienced Analysts✅

UpRise Traders
UpRise Traders
3,757 members

UpRise Traders is a community of likeminded individuals looking to achieve financial independence through day trading, swing trading, and long term investing in stocks, options, and crypto. Proven, consistently profitable signals daily for Free!

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