Desi Baby Club
Desi Baby Club
2,903 members

Hello Babies. 🍼

Web3 Marketing | Lunar Academy
Web3 Marketing | Lunar …
331 members

Web3 marketing career discord where we share tips, jobs and guides for your Web3 career.

43,937 members

The official Discord server for Pyme. We are a marketplace for hiring and work in web3 powered by NFTs and Smart Contracts.

Game Space
Game Space
35,381 members

We are a Gamefi server for developers, players, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, passionate about the future of Web3, Gamefi, and more! We also have our own games with monthly events where you can compete for USDT!

The Web3 Marketing Movement
The Web3 Marketing Move…
1,693 members

A collection of rabbits, creating a better Web 3 marketing space. From a marketing platform to staking and high rewards, this utility NFT is going to skyrocket.

Suku 🟢
Suku 🟢
2,654 members

Suku is on a mission to accelerate the adoption of real Web3. To get there, Suku is creating an ecosystem that interconnects web3 communities, that powers unique experiences and utility, and provides simple tools to better onboard users into Web3.

Peeps Platform
1,902 members

Peeps - the first social platform for your Web3 persona! Join the community to get your role and WL spot! Earn, have fun and be early! Giveaways, airdrops, contests and more! A chance to win a whitelist spot? Probably nothing.

167 members

The World of Web.
The World of Web.
142 members

Are you a Web3 musician looking to make an impact? The World of Web is a growing community of musicians, coders and creatives all working towards the common goal of progressing Web3 for creatives through our community dApp build

Loose Apes NFT | 🤙
939 members

Loose Apes is a 10,000 cool ape collection fall drop from the yacht into the Solana blockchain that make a cold and cool Your Ape is a proof of Loose your apes from the web2 cage into THE HABITAT on web3 for get LA UTILITY like Staking NFT and more

Web3 Jobs
566 members

Looking for jobs in the Web3 and crypto space? This Discord server helps you find job openings from Web3 companies and startups, including both Tech and Non-Tech roles. Join today and engage with like-minded individuals from all around the world.

102 members

Spacerox DAO is an international community dedicated to the mission of decentralizing access to the vast resources found in space.

Karman Web3
58 members

Creando comunidad sobre web3 y tecnología blockchain para inversionistas y entusiastas en Latinoamérica.

Pinky Friendz
Pinky Friendz
2,234 members

🚀UTC 18:00 3rd May Today Mint Price 0.03 Eth🚀

4,497 members


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