Purple Prison - Minecraft Server
Purple Prison - Minecra…
106,641 members

🤩 INVITE LINK: discord.gg/pp 🤩 ✨We are a Strong Minecraft Discord Server Community since 2014! With Huge YouTubers having Played such as PewDiePie! Anyone & Everyone is Welcome to Chill with us!✨

Life MC
34 members

This server is based on medieval and real life laws like dont enter houses without permission its very fun we have a cool community that would love to meet you and play minecraft with you alot

Reveia | Medieval Fantasy RP
Reveia | Medieval Fanta…
432 members

A Medieval Fantasy Roleplay Server! Create a character in a vast, open world torn by conflict. Battle mystical beasts and harness magic to influence the world around you. Build your legacy. Join Reveia today!

TToT Medieval Network
45 members

A space for all things medieval, reenactment, and living history with community and private chats for members of the household.

Imperio de Lothric
Imperio de Lothric
4,078 members

Ayudamos a quien lo necesite, y combatimos con los mejores. Bienvenidos sean todos. Recuerden agarrar sus roles en #Autoroles

Perdere — To Destroy
Perdere — To Destroy
679 members

DND-inspired • Medieval High Fantasy • Dark Souls-inspired • Roleplay • Beginner Friendly • Staff Positions Open

Age Of Zalmoxis
Age Of Zalmoxis
5,172 members

First AAA 3rd person MMORPG with NFT and token integration in a fantasy version of the Dacian empire grounded in history where threats from other realms converge.

Building Community | ShapeWorks
Building Community | Sh…
2,733 members

Only for the BEST! We Have the biggest building community of minecraft focused on architecture and design. We have a CROSSPLAY (hava & bedrock) server! If you’re a good builder or want to be then surely drop by as this is YOUR community!

1,872 members

About us We're a growing community of modded MC enthusiasts... all our servers (discord included) are very active and lots of people often find & make new friends to play with here! We host monthly events with prizes etc too!

Laurelin Gateway
Laurelin Gateway
608 members

Laurelin Gateway is a community focussed around Tolkien's work and the world the Lord of the Rings: Online video game.

Chivalry 2 LFG
512 members

Chivalry 2 Looking for Groups discord. Find other players to take to the battlefield with in Torn Banner Studios medieval slasher Chivalry 2. Feeling like you are in a medieval action movie is better with friends.

173 members

Welcome to Winterdawn, where you can connect with fellow furries from all walks of life. Whether you're a seasoned furry or new to the fandom, you are welcome here!

🌎The Furs of Ryn🌏
49 members

The Furs of Ryn is an adult (18+), furry hangout with adult video/picture galleries and a focus on role playing stories and erotic roleplay with futuristic, medieval and modern settings. There is room for everyone.

From The Days of Eterni…
57 members

Includes a wholesome environment for writers and artists alike! Includes an RP texting channel, character introduction channel, character theme music, and RP news! Wanna advertise your server? We have a channel for that too! forum rp now avalable No 18+

Aether Realms OOC
Aether Realms OOC
24 members

18+ | Medieval Roleplay | Custom Combat System | Elves only | New Player Screening Process | Friendly & Welcoming | Active Members

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