The Black Diaspora (International)
The Black Diaspora (Int… Sponsor

A predominantly over 30's all-black community server. Expect to meet new people, hang out, share resources, and learn more about others who look just like you.

Age Of Zalmoxis
Age Of Zalmoxis
5,302 members

First AAA 3rd person MMORPG with NFT and token integration in a fantasy version of the Dacian empire grounded in history where threats from other realms converge.

Cascade آبشار
Cascade آبشار
1,771 members

آبشار Assalamualaikum everyone, Pakistan is a land where oceans, rivers, lakes, snow capped mountains and cities all cascade together and form the land of the pure.

History Empire
332 members

History Planet is an educational community server dedicated to History worldwide. In this server you can learn from ancient to modern history, with a growing community, this server is for those who has a great passion of learning history!

228 members

Like History? Interested in debates? You're welcome here then, we also have A LOT of history roles!

⚔ Rise Of History
91 members

Tarih Sunucusu

The Round Table
29 members

This is a safe space for black people to talk all things pop culture, and black topics and issues. From Animation, Movies, and Games, to Racism, Black History, and more, here at the Roundtable, we talk about everything except Roundtables!

The Trenches
29 members

The Trenches is a History server dedicated to History nerds like myself

2,125 members

Информагентство "Ледокол" является информационным ресурсом.

2,098 members

Welcome to TITANPOINTE, a premier centre of intellectual discourse where people of all interests and viewpoints can gather and discuss. We provide a civil place where those in the pursuit of truth and inquiry can unleash their prowess.

Damned History
Damned History
3,092 members

Damhistory's Mission provides real content while telling the real story of what the Empirical World is like: ♟ 🌍 I will use History to understand the Now, Present, and Future Ekner (me) is a War and Cultural Historian/Content Creator.

9,768 members

EASY Company 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division is a multi gaming community.

Future PUMP
Future PUMP
2,027 members

Welcome to our server. Here you will find PUMPS with a profit of 80-300%. All members can make extreme profit each pump! Welcome to the future.

Awakening 🌘 Legion
5,696 members

“Awakening of The Legion”(AotL) is an epic fantasy themed collection of NFTs that can be awoken through collectors’ psychic connection to the legendary league of powerful warriors trapped within the fantastical realms of “Oro”

4,296 members

What is the future of AiAvatars? For each avatar there will be an unlockable content (chapter), A Chapter will describe the history of the avatar. Avatars can have siblings, family members, enemies & much more.

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