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12,832 members

Best Roblox Condo Server💚 • 24/7 Condo Uploads🏠 • Condo Links Original Scented Condo Games😳😱 • Active Community👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 • Amazing Booster Perks🍾🥳 • INFINITE CONDO GAMES♾️ • Condos • JOIN ROBLOX CONDOS NOW!🖤💜

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History & Politics

567 members

History & Politics is a community where you can delve into the captivating realms of history and politics. Engage in discussions on ancient civilizations, global politics, and explore the fascinating intersections of the past and present.

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Politics and Gaming

1,202 members

Politicizing Videogames, In this server we talk about Politics and Videogames.

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Politics Discourse 🇮🇱 🇵🇸

494 members

Axiom Discourse, a server where we can discuss and debate various topics between both sides. We do not tolerate any disruptive or bad behavior

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43 members

The POLITICS AND ECONOMICS server is a highly developed platform for debating about past and current events in the world. You get offered a cozy atmosphere to only focus on intellectual communication with others alike

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Revolution and Politics

28 members

Where do you side?

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201 members

news politics and trends from all subjects and voice chat about politics

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World Conflict & Politics 2K24

1,971 members


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[APR] American Politics Roleplay

3 members

It’s back again! Run for office and be a politician! A fictional universe based on American politics. Create your own character, join or create a political party, become a politician, run for office, you can even become a political pundit.

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cats & politics 🐱

302 members

Based Politics is a free speech leftist server, which encourages civil discourse between the left wing and the right wing.

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Politics & Chill

38 members

At Politics & Chill, we take pride in being the ultimate hub for political discussion and debate on Discord. Join us to be part of a vibrant community where your voice matters, and where robust debate thrives.

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Politics & Debates

102 members

We are a small server that have a big interest in politics and relevant issues. Debates and discussions about world issues are our main focus. We invite you to share your opinions and thoughts!

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