Dakota's Cove
Dakota's Cove
342 members

Welcome to Dakota's Cove! Come hang out on the beach and enjoy the sun! Our server is a family friendly furry server, Mostly aimed around Dakota's commissions, but we have a cosy community section to relax and make friends!

🌸 β­” Witches Cove .ᐟ
148 members

Hello there! κ’·κ’¦ ✧ Witches Cove ✧ κ’¦κ’· is a safe/learning place for everyone who practices witchcraft! Even if you don’t practice witchcraft, we are a server accepting of everyone and would love for you to join us !

D&D - Kraken's Cove
D&D - Kraken's Cove
90 members

A 16+ adventure D&D game/rp group based in a small adventures guild in a creepy unusual fishing town riddled with dungeons, mystery and eldritch horrors. Rp, D&D, fast levelling. http://bit.ly/KrakensCove

Kitten Cove β™₯
78 members

We invite you to Kitten Cove! We are a non-toxic, SFW, 0 drama server. We have custom commands for fun gameplay, and the ability to make your own command(s). We host giveaways for the in-server currency, and have collectables and cool items to buy!

dex's cove
13 members

β€’β‹…β˜Ύ β˜½β‹…β€’ β™‘ welcome to dex's cove! we are small right now, but we hope to grow! help us get to 100 members!! please consider looking around before leaving. β€’β‹…β˜Ύ β˜½β‹…β€’ β™‘ we have level 2 boost! :D β€’β‹…β˜Ύ β˜½β‹…β€’ β™‘

Pixel Cove
Pixel Cove
1,928 members

A Gaming Resort where you can take in the tropical breeze with all your consoles and friends!

🌸 Tokkii's Cove 🌸
🌸 Tokkii's Cove 🌸
291 members

Chill and Friendly discord server!~ We are mostly looking to build friendships, talk , hang out, and game together! If you are interested, join us!<3

Siren Cove
Siren Cove
38 members

When the sirens call, men will fall.

Moonlight πŸŒ™
254 members

Here is a server where you can: *.✧ Choose from two matchmaking programs *.✧ stream, game and watch movies *.✧ sfw community *.✧ support channels for mental health Join now!

Treasure Cove
212 members

Hi there! Welcome to: Animal Crossing Treasure Chest We are a new Acnh Based server, we are very friendly. Feel free to stop by and hang-out with us!

Fishing Cove
129 members

We are fishing community that is active and looking for staff! New and experienced anglers welcomed!

Universal | Cove🌴
158 members

Looking for a place to call home? A place where you can relax in the lounge, grab some snacks for movie night or just downright socialize? We invite you to come join us, as we are always looking for new members to join the family :)

The Cove
109 members

Unique server that adds channels for any character you want

26 members

Hi! Welcome to Chi's Cove! A family friendly server with nice staff!

β™‘~π•‚π•£π•šπ•€π•₯’𝕀 ℂ𝕠𝕧𝕖~β™‘
51 members

Krist's Cove is a place to vibe with friends, meet new people, discuss your favorite Anime's, and chill. We have bots, Minecraft channels, Among us channels, Truth or dare, amazing staff, and much more!

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