♡ Cute Emote Hub ♡
♡ Cute Emote Hub ♡
7,763 members

♡ Cute Emote Hub has the most paid for ethically sourced emotes on discord! ♡ Over 200 emotes have been bought so far with a cute aesthetic!

cutesy emotes!
1,409 members

Cute + Nonverbal Emotes

100+ Cutest Emojis | Ka…
1,077 members

100+ of the BEST and CUTEST Emojis Ever! You can find the Greatest Emotes so you can use that are just adorable. HUNDREDS of them!

˚✦ CuteHype™ ˖ ♡
˚✦ CuteHype™ ˖ ♡
784 members

✦⊹welcome cutiezens!⊹✦ ╭✼🍧︲90's aesthetic cute vibes ︱✼🌸︲CuteHype Alphabet Emoji A-Z and 0-9 ︱✼🍫︲supportive community ︱✼🍦︲fun events and games ︱✼🍭︲cutie freebies + giveaways ╰✼🧃︲join our server now ♡ ✦⊹꒷꒥꒷꒷꒥꒷꒷꒥꒷꒷꒥꒷꒷꒥꒷꒷꒥꒷⊹✦

Sundown™ 🧡 Social ﹒Community ﹒ Emotes ﹒ Nitro ﹒ Active ﹒ Fun ﹒Cute ﹒ Aesthetic ﹒ SFW ﹒ VCs ﹒ Emojis
Sundown™ 🧡 Social ﹒Comm…
351 members

🌅 Sunset aesthetic theme 💌 Friendly community 🍸 Entertaining channels & bots 😃 100+ cute emotes

Meet Cute Rom-Coms
253 members

We're optimistic, hopeful lovers of love stories. Let's talk Meet Cutes and other rom-coms (books, film, tv)!

cute frens (remake)
174 members


Cute Decor Emojis
53 members

This server collects cute emojis you can use to decorate your profile/messages - bullet points, stars, flowers, sparkles and more! For folks with Discord Nitro or users of the Not Quite Nitro bot!

Pastel Goth/Creepy Cute…
51 members

This server collects emojis that have a pastel goth or creepy cute aesthetic! WARNING: some emojis contain drawn eyes, blood, or bones

Cute Emote Server
15 members

Cute Discord emojies to use with nitro

Cute Town
13 members

Just to chat and have some fun. XD.

Love Lounge・♡ Social ♡ Community ♡ Gaming ♡ Chill ♡ Girls ♡ Anime
Love Lounge・♡ Social ♡ …
20,357 members

💋 ╴fulfill your desires 💌 ╴active chat & friendly staff 🍥 ╴self roles to describe yourself 🖼️ ╴selfie channels for all genders 🎊 ╴cute and simple layout 👩‍❤️‍👨 ╴create your own profile, and be matched with others.

3,076 members

Sweet and friendly Indian community . A wholesome server you should once.

46,741 members

❥ Active chat ♥ Matching gifs ♥ 『Amazing server emoji's 』♥ Variety of matching icons ♥ Booster Perks ♥ Fun bots ☁

𓆩💕 Love Crumbs™ 2.0 💕𓆪
𓆩💕 Love Crumbs™ 2.0 💕𓆪
988 members

Welcome on "Love Crumbs", the best (mostly) Italian super chill and cute community on Discord! 💘

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