🎃 Mikass & Emotes 🎃
🎃 Mikass & Emotes 🎃
1,471 members

୨୧ Just an emote server ୨୧ Shove it into a folder ୨୧ 16+ Please (13+ allowed)

Wojak's Emote Hub
Wojak's Emote Hub
20,131 members

A Wojak themed nitro emote hub with 495+ Wojak emotes and 55+ stickers!

♡ Cute Emote Hub ♡
♡ Cute Emote Hub ♡
8,111 members

♡ Cute Emote Hub has the most paid for ethically sourced emotes on discord! ♡ Over 200 emotes have been bought so far with a cute aesthetic!

Emotes and Chill
Emotes and Chill
2,182 members

A fun community server with lots of chats and thousands of emotes to choose from across all of our servers!

Yet Another Emote Serve…
1,859 members

Emoji, Awesome Emotes, Just emotes and emojis, nothing more, nothing less. Join Today!

Yet Another Emote Serve…
1,275 members

Just Emoji and Emotes, Nothing more, Nothing Less, Nitro Emotes, and Cute Emotes and Cute Emoji

‧₊˚୨🌊୧ shark & sea animals emotes‧₊˚୨🌊୧
‧₊˚୨🌊୧ shark & sea anim…
261 members

⇢˚⋆ 🫧ˎˊ- emote-focused server for aquatic/marine animals in general & shark in specific 𓆩♡𓆪 come join us, we don't bite🦈 (unless it's love bites)

Pokémon - Emote
318 members

Server Emote, 100 free Emote Pokémon !

Bocchi The Rock! EMOTE
Bocchi The Rock! EMOTE
159 members

This server is for people who like Bocchi The Rock! EMOTE, and if you have Nitro, you can use them in other servers too.

Paper Mario Emotes
Paper Mario Emotes
150 members

Supports Not Quite Nitro! This is a Paper Mario emote server. There's nothing else about it, just a bunch of cool Paper Mario emotes. You can't even talk in it

Emote Port: Ad's & Emot…
140 members

Emote Port is one of the best servers to get you started on getting free emotes for your own discord servers, not only that you can also submit your own emotes! The server is safe and is very strict on sexual, homophobic and racist content.

spy x family emote
95 members

This server is for people who like Spy Family emotes, and if you have Nitro, you can use them in other servers too. This server is purely for emotes, and there are no chat channels.

꒰🍰꒱ dessert emotes ♡꙼̈ ࿐ ࿔
48 members

⇢˚⋆ 🍞 ˎˊ- welcome to our bakery ☆ we are an emote-focused server for sweets & desserts with a bakery theme!

The Emote Station
17 members

This is the place if you're looking for perfect emotes!

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