🔞 OnlyFuns | 18+ NSFW Server - …

6,477 members

🔞 NSFW ACTIVE Community 🔞 💦 Talk to Hundreds of OnlyFans Models 💦 🎁 Weekly Giveaways 🎁, 🤖 NSFW Generation 🤖, Auto NSFW Reddit Feeds, Dating, OnlyFan Advertising, and much more!

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Vent Haven ||💫Free therapy||

26 members

Welcome to Empowerment Haven! Join us for support, resources, and discussions on personal growth. Share your journey, access resources, engage with like-minded individuals, and attend events to cultivate growth and empowerment together. Let's thrive!

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Vent Bistro

6,363 members

We are a crowd-sourced mental health server for helping troubled youth achieve a deeper access to their psychology.

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45 members

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Talk Space (Vent Zone)

4 members

Terapia, conversaciones y solución de problemas GRATIS :]!

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Mental health vent

12 members

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♡ selfcare・safe space・vent

41 members

A server that focus on providing peer support rather than professional services. Our members uplift and guide each other by promoting self-care and self-love.

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(Don't) Mind the Gap

201 members

The (18+) server for people who are currently in or pursuing adult age gap dynamics. Share your views on this kind of dynamic, the challenges that come with it, want to vent about it, are looking for advice, or just want to learn more about it.

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Global Halo-Halo Hangout

105 members

"Discover Chillounge: Your International Chill & Study Discord. Connect, chat, vent, and share everything from Roblox to travel pics. Perfect for school breaks and downtime. Join now and be part of our global community!"

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Mental Motel

62 members

A page for neurodivergent folk to info-dump, chat and vent. Talk about your interests and make friends! 18+ server but not fully NSFW.

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Intel Hub | Academy & Community

8 members

Intel Hub, Academy & Community Welcoming community! - Sfw | non-toxic community - Vent channels - VCs and private VCs Helpful academy! - Improve your skills - Tips, first aid, language, combat - Supportive members

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48 members

chat ୨୧ game ୨୧ share ୨୧ vc ୨୧ vent ୨୧ debate ୨୧ media ୨୧ books ୨୧ bots ୨୧ art ୨୧ anime ୨୧

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