79 members

An autonomous risk game that's 100% community owned and governed, powered by Chainlink. Launching soon.

2,415 members

We are mainly on reddit-https://www.reddit.com/r/WallstreetBreakers/hot/ But, this is our discord server! Mainly for good times, discussion, and yes stonks/stocks! Join in on the Breakers! We try to create a great community so your opinion will matter!

Universal Crypto Mining
1,118 members

We are a cryptocurrency pump and dump investment group, we take investors funds and put them into the best possible pumps. We do this by monitoring many pump groups and looking at who is hosting the pump, and also the volume of the pump.

Qure Squad
Qure Squad
4,150 members

Qooore is on the mission to educate young investors and built smart insight investment tool for everyone 🚀

ChartBolt.com (stocks, …
1,323 members


Legacy Trading
Legacy Trading
5,714 members

🌎A community with the goal to teach you about trading stocks. 📈 👽 Join now!

Stock House University
1,719 members

🎉The #1 Pre-market show ⏰M-F from 8:30am-9:30am est 🔉streaming in all platforms 💃🏽live on clubhouse Daily

Touch Buddies
Touch Buddies
256 members

Touch Buddies are welcoming new members [18+]! We've got memes, poker tournaments, gaming leagues, watch parties and game nights just to name a few. You'll be sure to find something you enjoy and a home here at Touch Buddies. JOIN TODAY!

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PASSIVE INCOME WITH DAO UNLOCK via Wolfofblockstreet.com NFTs

41 members

We are a group of individuals with the intention to help people understand the market and have fun trying to make a few extra dollars.

Empirical Finance
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Discussions about the stock market, cryptocurrency, long term investments, day trading, options, real estate. More advanced topics such as mathematical finance, behavioral finance and macroeconomics are also encouraged.

Stonks server
32 members

Have Fun an Chill with your friends

Stonks of Wallstreet
29 members

We will help you make 1k+ a month through Stocks, crypto, resell, and much much more!!

10 members

This server is a great place to talk about crypto and stocks and get opinions on current events!


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