The Black Diaspora (International)
The Black Diaspora (Int… Sponsor

A predominantly over 30's all-black community server. Expect to meet new people, hang out, share resources, and learn more about others who look just like you.

🧡 Possible World 🧡 | Philosophy
🧡 Possible World 🧡 | Ph…
1,793 members

🌍 A Possible World 🌍 is a place to discuss anything regarding philosophy as well as all the wide variety of different fields and topics it's intertwined with. We offer a non-toxic environment, a welcoming atmosphere, and a small but active community.

Guarded Acumen Philosop…
159 members

The Guarded Acumen is an exclusively online, educational channel producing academic content exploring various topics in contemporary analytic philosophy.

93 members

Politics offers debates and discussions on economics, philosophy, elections, religion, and much more! We have an official news outlet, and we host real politicians, scientists, and philosophers, among others on our Podcast for interviews.

TruthConducive - Politi…
58 members

Politics, Philosophy, link and content sharing

5ireChain (Official)
5ireChain (Official)
7,783 members

5ireChain is a fifth-generation blockchain that aims to bring a paradigm shift from a for-profit to a for-benefit economy. World's first blockchain for-benefit.

16,503 members

RFOX’s vision is to be the global leader in immersive metaverse experiences focused on retail, media, gaming, and rewards. Join our community discord to get the latest news, updates and get your burning questions answered during our weekly AMAs!

2,098 members

Welcome to TITANPOINTE, a premier centre of intellectual discourse where people of all interests and viewpoints can gather and discuss. We provide a civil place where those in the pursuit of truth and inquiry can unleash their prowess.

Triba - Business Community
Triba - Business Commun…
1,844 members

Get tools, network, and grow through collaboration - not competition. #ValueFirst

Vegan World
Vegan World
3,312 members

We're vegan, why aren't you?

Prime Boost
Prime Boost
63 members

PRIME BOOST & COACHING 🔥New clients will get %10 discount🔥 We provide the fastest and the most reliable elo boosting service with customer friendly prices in the VALORANT elo boosting sector.

All Debate Community
All Debate Community
1,056 members

This is a debate server where you can find members from all sorts of backgrounds. This is a place you can come into if you want to challenge your beliefs, or just hang out.

United States and Kingdoms of the West
United States and Kingd…
3,547 members

Canadians! Australians! New Zealanders! United Kingdomers! Israelis! Americans! If you love talking about Psychology, Politics, Philosophy, etc you will love this server!

Go Vegan
2,104 members

A place to chat and discuss topics, promote animal rights, play games, and share art. All are welcome to join.

Nameless Debates II
Nameless Debates II
3,743 members

An awesome place for the open exchange of ideas, opinions and beliefs with a focus on a collaborative search for Truth.

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