Free NFT - on opensea
19 members

This server is for those who want NFT. In this server you can exchange, give or showoff your NFTS

15,718 members

NFT with ulitlity!

12,682 members

Helping you find your place in the NFT space offers you the opportunity to trade and invest with its epic story and high-quality art.

✅ [ NFT🔥Drop Central ] …
10,332 members

📢 Promote Your NFT's! 🔎 Find NFT's 💵 Buy Sell or Trade

6,282 members

#nft #cryptocommunity #discuss We've got a nft that change taste. Its simple, just turn on the nft. Place your drinks on the NFT, And taste it. Lets discuss about this NFT, or other crypto NFT. This server has a user who are quite interested in NFT.

Silly Snakes Club
Silly Snakes Club
5,954 members

Upcoming insane NFT collection!

Bored Camel Caravan Club
4,204 members

1 bored camel NFTS that live on the etherum blockcahin.

2,936 members

Pixelabz NFTs Discord server is Pixelabz community’s hive. In this place, events and games are organized in order to create a strong and fun community. Our objective is simple: sell out our 10k NFTs pieces collection after the mint starts.

2,926 members

The Bored Goat Collection of unique NFTs living on Ethereum Blockchain. Minting late February 2022 | #TheBoredGoat

Say Cheese Billie
Say Cheese Billie
2,791 members

“Say Cheese Billie” is a collectible with 5000 unique art pieces created in digital painting and randomly generated. Billie will become a Comic Book and it will be the first step to solidify as one of the most important characters in the NFT community.
2,548 members

Public bid bot for - using wETH/DAI/USDC - only 1.5eth per license - join us at

TERMIXX https://opensea…
2,157 members

New NFT Collection ! Comming next drop 15.1.2022. Only 100 pcs for sell. TERMIXX rulez !

Pinky Friendz
Pinky Friendz
2,138 members

🚀UTC 18:00 3rd May Today Mint Price 0.03 Eth🚀

couch meme - digital co…
2,116 members

The couch in your living room is converted into an Nft! Join and have a look, Maybe this maybe the same couch you sit on :wink: LAUNCH ON 9TH September

Crazy Goose
1,916 members

Join the Crazy Goose community. Be crazy... Become a goose 🦆

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