Asylum RP
Asylum RP
1,802 members

Asylum RP is a new economy RP server with a strict focus on balancing the dynamic between police, criminals, and businesses. We have a development and admin team with experience running large, RP communities and are developing original content.

3,630 members

Ever want to be a cop or a civ doing crime or be Fire or EMS well in CVCRP you can be whatever you want! CVC is bringing the best rp experience across Xbox and Fivem!

The Diverse Roleplay Fan Server
The Diverse Roleplay Fa…
2,821 members

Are you looking for an experienced and well run FiveM community? Well Diverse Roleplay is the community for you.

First Responder Memorial Discord
First Responder Memoria…
2,090 members

The First Responder Memorial Discord, (FRMD) is a Community Server dedicated to honoring America's fallen heroes.

Washington State Role Play
Washington State Role P…
1,947 members

Washington State Role Play is a FiveM based community that takes place in the state of Washington, US. We are a public vMenu server. We have over 500 Discord members and grow each day! We're hiring for all departments! Join today!

City of Centurions RP
City of Centurions RP
1,139 members

City of Centurions RP is a roleplay server on FiveM which is an extension of GTA5

MainFrame RP
MainFrame RP
801 members

You should check out MainFrame RP on FiveM! 💢 40+ pop | compliant staff | custom cars | gangs | civs | city workers | drifting | best rp | and so much more!

Málaga Life RP
115 members


Texas State Roleplay Co…
38 members

A roleplay game in early development. Currently making a game

Universal Roleplay
Universal Roleplay
480 members

Welcome to Universal Roleplay! We are a friendly, active, strict, fun, and realistic that wants to bring you an interesting and realistic RP experience. Our community has over 250 amazing members and growing.

Off The Porch RP
Off The Porch RP
351 members

Welcome to OFF THE PORCH RP Whitelisted Fivem Serious RP Server. This server is going to be one of the most popular and active servers on the market.

247 members

Cops 5 is a GTA 5 fiveM based police simulator.

Crooked Heart City RP
169 members

Welcome to the beginning of a epic story set in the heart of Crooked Heart City where you start out with $250,000 and a dream to be a millionaire by any means necessary!

Dawn Avenue
Dawn Avenue
164 members

A community and social server that does a lot of fun stuff. You must join rn!

150 members

Wanting to play LSPDFR with Friend's but can't? We are a Community with servers built around Multiplayer capabilities to make that happen. Code 3 is a Fivem server that uses FIVEPD Game mode to make it possible.

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