Hentai Hut
4,557 members

Memes, Dark Humors, Giveaways, Hentai, Porn, 18+

🏴 ˑ MEME X | MEMES ˑ 🏴
28,817 members

Join memeX for memes, nitro giveaways and more!

SoulsBorne Community Gr…
663 members

Welcome to the Soulsborne Server! Here we offer help, give help, PvP, and much more. Assign yourself some roles and come say hi!

100 members

https://discord.gg/wvQpfy2jfQ Wag1, welcome to ᴋᴜʀʀʏꜱ ʙᴀɴᴅᴏ What we have to offer: ‣ Various channels ‣ Memes ‣ Dark humour ‣ Chill/casual environment ‣ Active members ◖We're a new server so pls be patient as we improve◗

Boogus Lampos
322 members

Join our discord server! ¬nothin' much but fun server lol ¬A ton of memes u can get here n dark shit (we approved) ¬we vibe with every1 ¬we r frendly

117 members

welcome to U! a random server where nobody could even find a good name, enjoy your stay! <3

Stumpi3's Crib
88 members

Stumpi3's Cribs - Offensive Memes - Dark Humour - Freedom Of Speech - Politics - Community

Exotic E-girl
79 members

Want to make dark jokes and saucy memes? Feel free to join<3

Leather Monkeys 🍌
31 members

This server is a gaming server full of random people. It is a server with dark humour and memes. Once you join do not take anything serious. Everything here is for memes and laughs.

Bag of shite
14 members

looking for people to enjoy memes, no limits on how dark or light

⊱ Meme E ⊰
3,095 members

⊱ Meme E ⊰ is a server that focuses directly on memes, offensive humour and NSFW Channels.

1,551 members

Vibey server, just made to chill and bring people closer. We are all good friends, and enjoy meeting and welcoming new people in :)

2,369 members

Fed up of gay mods? Just want to shitpost in peace ✌️ Join inequality No cp, no gore, no doxxing. Follow basic discord TOS and we don't care what you do.

12,863 members

It's cool to chill and kill time I'm there and to find some memes, whether new or old 👍

Memuseum 🎨
11,915 members

We offer a lot of nsfw memes and offensive stuff. Join to see more!

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