Serenity (18+) SFW

✨️Serenity is an 18+ SFW VC centered server.✨️ We are here to bring people together and make friends online.✨️ We mainly Voice Chat.✨️ We have a Private MINECRAFT server , Lethal Co. events, ARK server, gambling, movie nights on the weekends and more!✨️ Come game, do art, play D&D, watch movies, anime, and chill. ✨️Join us!✨️

art community gaming social minecraft anime movies d&d 18+ sfw vc ff14 dungeons and dragons safe for work palworld
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What is the server invite for the Serenity (18+) SFW Discord server?

The invite link for the Serenity (18+) SFW Discord server is

When was the Serenity (18+) SFW Discord server created?

The Serenity (18+) SFW Discord server was created on April 12, 2024, 5:42 p.m. (1 month, 2 weeks ago)

Is the Serenity (18+) SFW Discord server SFW?

Yes, Serenity (18+) SFW is marked as SFW, meaning it should only contain topics that are safe for a work environment.