Tay’s Art Bar
67 members

67 members

Artistry is an Art community where people can share any of their creations (Concept Art, Illustrations, animations, photographies…) and also get advices and tips from other artists.

The Art Archive
66 members

This is a place to discuss art, art movements and the philosophy of art. You can also share and talk about your own art!

♡ ▁Artlantis▁♡
65 members

_NEW SERVER_ First 25 members get an OGs role 🌊 ⌌«ʚ ♡ ▁𝕨𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 ᴍᴜɴɴɪ'ꜱ ᴀʀᴛʟᴀɴᴛɪꜱ▁♡ ɞ»⌍ 🌊 Artlantis is an art-based server with an aqua aesthetic~ We have: Custom roles/Channels Non-toxic community Full-slot emojis Events & Giveaways

Vampire Artists Club
60 members

Vampire Artists Club is a supportive server for artists and art admirers. There are levels, rewards, bots, music, and lots of channels to have fun in. Everyone is welcome as long as you are kind. Hope to see you here!

dWall - Collective NFT …
60 members

dWall - Next Gen NFT Art

✨Dank Art✨
56 members

A friendly and welcoming community! Feel free to submit your own artworks!Our moderators are always active to keep the server clean.

✿ AniArtist Crumb ❀
53 members

Welcome to AniArt Crumb, home to fellow anime/manga artists! However, we won't be limited only to anime/manga, but also open to other types of art as well. Share your art, sell/buy commissions, exchange and collaborate. We hope you'll enjoy your stay in A

Art Hard's server
53 members

Right now, 1000 NFTs of women rocking the NFT and crypto space. All qualified for the Cool Clan Club. More info https://art1hard.wixsite.com/website

Eye Candy Art
52 members

We're a sweet supportive art community wanting to support commission artists and beginner artists. We also have other things for people who just want a chill server to be on.

52 members

James Joyce: “Art is for art’s sake, not a toy in the dirty hands of politics and science. Art is not a tool; it is the lofty goal that drives man to perfection! ”

Weenie Art Sr's (18+)
Weenie Art Sr's (18+)
47 members

It's chill place for people 18 and up to vibe and draw, there's channels to post art, talk about anime, stream games, etc. It's small right now as well, so feel free to join and not feel overwhelmed with people. 💜

47 members

Open to anyone wanting to learn and discuss coding, music, and art. Also wanting to enable track and art discovery. Collabs welcome.

~🖌 Creative Arts 🎨~
46 members

A Perfect server for all of your Artist needs. We have so much that you could do here like submit your own shop. Join Art challenges, answering the question of the day, and even getting your work on the featured channel and including so much more.

Artist's Safe Space
43 members

HEY AMAZING ARTISTS!!! This server is a safe space to interact and learn new art skills. You can make new friends and play games, watch and stream movies, share memes etc

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