All Elite
6,243 members

The most popular All Elite Wrestling Discord server! Come join us for games, aew live show chats and watch-parties, instant AEW updates and more! Our server is not just home to AEW fans, but to fans of every wrestling promotion.

♡ Horny Paradise ♡︱emot…
1,815 members

three girls who love to watch men jerk off or rate dick pictures <3 Ever had 3 girls watch you jerk off before? No? Didn't think so, well if that's something youre interested in, this is the place for you :*

NOS Watch
13,357 members

As a tribute to watch connoisseurs, New Old Stock (NOS) aims to recreate the vintage watch collecting scene in the meta verse with our first ever genesis NFT collection.

Fight Plug 💫
1,213 members

The Best Discord Server to Watch Boxing Matches and Fights for Free!

Anchor Watch
237 members

Based primarily in the USA, we are welcoming to all **18+**. Anchor Watch exists as a lounge of sorts for those who are either off the clock and looking to relax, or those who are still working through their shift and in need of respite.

Discord Cinema
116 members

Talk about your favourite movies and TV shows, and join regular free-to-watch movie nights.

The Morax Kingdom
80 members

Watch anime, listen to music, play games, among us sessions, and a place to talk about your fav Kpop groups! A friendly place where you can feel at home :)

Ohayo Gozaimasu!
75 members

Konichiwa! Have you ever wanted to watch Anime / YouTube videos with your friends but can't stream it? Well you can watch it here! You can watch YouTube videos in Discord without needing anyone to stream it. Its free, it doesn't lag.

The Hanime Men
54 members

Come here to game, vibe, watch movies and chill watching streamers or be a streamer.

The Crew
28 members

We are the crew we are a active gaming and anime community. play all sorts of games and watch loads anime we also host gaming nights. if you like this give us a try!

After Hours
37 members

Welcome to xkrew! This server is dedicated for the community of gamers and streamers that are looking for like minded people. Where you can look for groups for multiple different games and platforms, just chill and talk with your fellow members or watch a

Slicky Wicky
32 members

This server is built for the community, you can chill and even watch movies with other🍿🎥🎥.

2D CUTIES かわいい
27 members

A safe space for anime nerds and 2d enthusiasts, get your anime release schedules and direct watch links here. We were bored so we made a server. Watch your new favorite anime 🍥and manga 🍙. All available links here. 🌸 Custom waifu self-roles 🌸

Attack on Weebs
23 members

Hey there, are you looking for some people who also watch the same anime as you? You found the right place!

Gamers Hideout
22 members

This is a server meant for all people. In this server we play games, watch movies, post art, post memes, and you can even self advertise. Our goal as a server is to create new bonds between ourselves and others. Giveaways will begin when 150 members join.

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