Glizzy Palace
140 members

A great chill out server for those interested in memes, gaming, some politics (we are right wing friendly), LGBT friendly, NSFW, Crypto currency, pol, free giveaways, and meeting new people. Come hangout! - FREE DISCORD NITRO PER 10 INVITES FIRST WEEK.

fruit bowl
29 members

fruit bowl is a small gaming server, started by a small group of people hoping to branch out. Chill / VC / Game / Vibe. [We accept all no discrimination here!]

Dutch Snack Shack
Dutch Snack Shack
151 members

Wij zijn een gezellige, Nederlandse 18+ server gemaakt voor en door gamers!

Polaroid Summer
Polaroid Summer
648 members

Welcome to the place where summer never ends, Polaroid Summer! A friendly-family server that you will find a new group of friends on Discord

Chat n' Call
Chat n' Call
578 members

。☆✼★★✼☆。 Blue's Bakery is a small, active, and fun Gaming and Furry Server where YOU can chat with others and make new friends! ・‥…☆☆…‥・

*♡∞:。.。 brotown 。.。:∞♡*
55 members

★彡Welcome to Brotown! A non-Toxic gaming community! 彡★ ✩Rules aren't strict (not gonna say we're non-toxic but we're mostly chill)

Open Mic
Open Mic
684 members

🎤 Voice-Chat focused! 💬 Kind and welcoming community members! 🗓️ Regular hangouts, events, karaoke, gaming, & so much more! 📈 Rapidly growing & level 3 boosted 🔗

acquired by xynki
acquired by xynki
577 members

Fast growing ACTIVE voice chat / social discord server with stream perms by default. No mods that abuse perms and the owner isnt a power hungry fat middle aged man so u wont be banned for bs :)

Asavi °•Giveaways, Emoj…
99 members

Hey welcome to Asavi! We are a small server (125 members) and i'd like to make it grow, u can meet new friends here and we have many emojis! I hope you will give us a chance! Take care and hopefully see you soon! x Asavi <3

St. Pauls (18+) ✞ ©
St. Pauls (18+) ✞ ©
128 members

Drinking/Alcohol/Morning Regrets/Probably Hangovers/Good Laugh

Shitpost hub
227 members

~What we are~ For a long time, I have not found a server dedicated to those confusing, unexpected, raw, and funny as all hell shitposts. That is the reason I have chosen to build this server, for those like me to find that content to save and share.

Lesbian heaven
176 members

A brand new server for lesbians. We are a trans friendly lesbian server We have both sfw- and NSFW-channels, you choose if you want to see any NSFW-content via roles. We have a verification process, that we take very seriously- remember NO MEN ALLOWED.

Catboy hooters
Catboy hooters
130 members

We are a family-like warm, supporting community ready to welcome new peeps! The main topics on our server are anime and video games 💖

164 members

Gemütliche Gaming Community. Regelmäßige Events, eigene private Voice- und Textchannel, uvm.

153 members Information on the website. Anyone can join.

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