Study Vibes
Study Vibes
17,830 members

Stuck at home, but loads of homework from school? 📚 No classes yet and exams coming up? It must be difficult to motivate yourself to tackle the school work when you're alone. Guess what? You're no longer! ☀️

🥂JKLM Discordian Party and Study
🥂JKLM Discordian Party …
2,562 members

An enthusiastic, supportive and entertaining server for socializing, studying, gaming, organizing events and more!

Study Cation's
2,501 members

Our community is for helping each other in study with fun and by understanding each other...

🎓 Study World
🎓 Study World
1,446 members

We are a starting community from students all around the world. Our purpose is to have a connection with all the students who are in the same struggle as everyone else. Feel free to look around and assign yourselves a role that suites you the most.

Study Lounge
Study Lounge
834 members

We are a community of students who built a successful community who are very friendly and active, we aim to bring forward the best resources for your prep, and we help in exam preps too. We have students from various boards and languages around the world.

Seiji's Study Hall
Seiji's Study Hall
592 members

Want a higher grade on your essay? Are you looking for a way to procrastinate? Come join Seiji's Study Hall!

Study challenge
Study challenge
560 members

Study discord server

473 members

A discord server to help you get on top of schoolwork this coming year

daily dose of studying …
420 members

This server's purpose is to make everyone motivated and productive! Here we have study buddy/group finder, movie/gaming streams, study resources, hourly reminder to drink your water and fix your posture; and more!!

Isekai'd to Study
309 members

This is a Filipino isekai themed study group server where members train (study) together as adventurers to defeat the demon kingdom(exams)!

Bible study
306 members

Just a pure bible study on the surface but nothing but sin and lust underneath the holy shell

Study Buddies
305 members

A server made for students by students! We are a community of people who study and grow together. Inspire and motivate each other to work harder and achieve our dreams. Study/work together and be accountable during study sessions. Have fun and play games

Study 1 on 1
266 members

Hi, welcome! We are a server created so you can find people to study 1-on-1 with . 😊 . Good luck finding your partner(s) & enjoy!

Study Cafe
189 members

Study Cafe is a server for highschool/college students looking for friends or tutors! You can also join for our art channels, journal spread channels, and our book club!

Study Jungle
Study Jungle
183 members

Welcome to the most productive server for students: Study Jungle🐯✨

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