Team CR10 Esports Fortnite Customs Scrims
Team CR10 Esports Fortn…
1,709 members

CR10 CLAN Fortnite Esports Team custom matchmaking community join the server to access our live stream custom games & tournaments recruiting now join the server to request a 1v1 recruitment Clan Tryout.

Champion SCRIMS
Champion SCRIMS
182 members

Do you want to improve in Fortnite? Or if you just want to be in a good Fortnite community, then Champion Scrims is the best choice. Our discord servers have a lot of championships and scrims, and more than 100 people, if you are interested, come in.

402 members

Olá, temos um novo servidor de scrims, mas eu já tenho um server de scrim por quê eu deveria entrar nesse? Temos: - Premiadas (dinheiro) - Ranked - Scrims yunite (menos chance de troll) - Scrims todo dia e mais!

157 members

Welcome to SCRIMS SERVER!🤑🤑🤑, a place where you can play unlimited ♾️♾️♾️scrims with pros and noobs🎉😂. Make sure you have fun!.✅✅✅👍👍

NAC Cash Scrims
118 members

We are NAC Cash Scrims we host fortnite tournaments, scrims, box fights, zone wars, and more. Winners receive cash app, and giveaways can include cash app, exclusive fortnite items, or v bucks!

Dota 2 - Look For Party…
3,346 members

A Dota 2 discord server to find people to play with for any game mode, teams to join or to scrim against, as well as players to join your own team

PSB Scrims
120 members

Pubg Mobile Scrim Maçı Sunucusu.

76 members

We are a professional discord sever

Strattz's Money Scrims
54 members

Join Strattz money scrims for free $$$

Valorant Mobile Scrims
56 members

Valorant mobile scrims

VERTEX Eu Scrims
46 members

New fortnite eu scrims we are looking for host to host our custom servers dm with proof

245 members

Open/Public Fortnite Scrims / Custom Games

Fortnite Fam
Fortnite Fam
115,134 members

Fortnite Discord community server with active LFG, Tournaments, game discussion, events, advertising and more! Join the action today!

Call of Duty - TGL
Call of Duty - TGL
1,079 members

Call of Duty 8s (various customs lobbies). LFG for all game modes. Dedicated to NA and EU players

The ulTra OP
The ulTra OP
7,403 members

We are organizing daily Tier Customs scrims for Underdogs Teams and Pro teams to get better platform

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