ATLA RPG Magpie ( Avata…
146 members

We are fans of ATLA who meet online through Discord. It's a easy game to learn and once you've mastered it the world is your oyster. We welcome both veterans and novices alike as we journey through this mystical world and master our bending.

League Of RPG
34 members

Bem-vindos ao nosso servidor de Discord de Jujutsu Kaisen RPG e RP! Este é o lugar onde os amantes deste incrível mundo de feitiçaria, maldições e batalhas sobrenaturais se reúnem para dar vida a suas próprias histórias,

Rpg Grinders Server
154 members

A chill and welcoming community with members and staff that are always willing to help! Though are a community based on RPG Discord Bots, we also welcome discussions regarding other topics. We are awaiting your arrival!

184 members

Our goal is to provide a chill, fun, safe space for our fellow gamers and Anime lovers, to have fun and enjoy themselves.

Howgarts RPG
11 members

What happens when a young member of the wizarding world fails their final exam, whether they only passed two out of 6 owls or none at all they are offered a final chance to join their peers as successful graduates.

Tomes & Tales RPG
Tomes & Tales RPG
43 members

We are an Australian based TTRPG live play channel!

RPG de mesa virtual
72 members

Servidor que reune fãs de RPG, com sessões oficiais ou que os mestres nomeados criam.

118 members

An Upcoming RPG Game.

Zoids: Next Century RPG
55 members

WELCOME TO THE NEW ERA OF ZOID BATTLES. To coincide with Zoids’ 40th year anniversary, we’ve launched Zoids - Next Century. Next Century is a semi-literate play-by-post/play-by-chat rpg hosted on Discord, featuring giant animal robots!

Over The Millennia · R…
40 members

RPG Percy Jackson. Acampamento Meio Sangue e Acampamento Júpiter. Vem jogar connosco semideus!

RPG Dark Fantasy
19 members

Servidor de rpg em d&d 5° edição com o tema dark fantasy

7 members

Enter HOLE, a unique and erotic world with an entirely new and beta system ready to be tested!

Kingdom - Survie&RPG
Kingdom - Survie&RPG
33 members

Kingdom est un Serveur Minecraft RPG&Survie en développement!

Casa do Rpg
Casa do Rpg
1,233 members

Casa do RPG é um servidor gratuito, seguro e bem moderado para mestrar, jogar e falar sobre RPG online. Jogue RPG de mesa pelo Discord de forma fácil e simples. RPG no Discord é aqui na Casa.

RPG Empire
305 members

If you love EPIC RPG then you will definitely enjoy our server. So what are you waiting for? Join now!

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