Destiny High
94 members

Welcome to Destiny High, the school where the heirs of the classic fairytale children gather from all realms in order to repeat the stories of their parents. Will you follow your destiny or forge your own path?

OC Safe Haven
68 members

A safe space for OC's creators and lovers. Looking for mods!

The Forgotten Realms
47 members

TheTalk, is where your OCs you can as! I take requests from you and then i make your OCs as bots, after that you can talk as them!

Celestial Academy
41 members

Dear student(s), It has come to the attention of deities that you are the were blessed by one meaning you have been born for greater things. Headmasters wish to enroll you&discover the fantasy world that lies above. Sincerely Admin of Celestial Academy

Powered Youth Associati…
37 members

It has been 20 years since the Blip and Morgan Stark has decided to train the next generation of heroes (and villains). The academy was renamed Powered Youth Association, or P.Y.A. for short, and now houses children of numerous supers.

🌴🍫The chocolate girl un…
27 members


IVC Esports & Gaming🎮
IVC Esports & Gaming🎮
1,120 members

Join to gain access to weekly community events, tournaments, and to support our teams (all major games).

AL2 - Nsfw/Media/Chat
1,101 members

🎉 Welcome to AL2 🎉 We are primarily a NSFW focused server offering media and other fun activities, We accept people of all kinds here and are LGBTQ+ and Furry friendly 🏳️‍🌈🦊

🍎★T͟H͟E͟ F͟O͟R͟B͟I͟D͟D͟E͟N͟ F͟R͟U͟I͟T͟★🍏
🍎★T͟H͟E͟ F͟O͟R͟B͟I͟D͟D͟E͟N͟ F͟R͟U͟I͟T͟★🍏
2,221 members

A strong erp and nsfw sharing server to come make friends in. With events and other exciting things. We are looking for make actives all the time. So don’t worry and join us for some sinful fun~.

𝔗𝔥𝔢 ℌ𝔬𝔲𝔰𝔢 𝔬𝔣 𝔐𝔞𝔤𝔦
𝔗𝔥𝔢 ℌ𝔬𝔲𝔰𝔢 𝔬𝔣 𝔐𝔞𝔤𝔦
84 members

🌙 Roleplay Server 🌙 Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Slice of Life, Adventure 🌙 Semi-Literate to Literate 🌙Lite D&D Mechanics 🌙A mysterious manor in the midst of Time and Space. 🌙 Be as Creative as you want. 🌙 We hope you join us on this adventure! 🌙

Cannon Fodder: Discord
Cannon Fodder: Discord
77 members

Cannon Fodder is envisioned as a nexus for military-based media and characters; one which OCs and canon characters alike can participate and interact for story roleplay purposes in an action-oriented and character-driven setting.

Book Rant Community
Book Rant Community
439 members

Welcome to book rant! Here we rant about books! if its book or writing-related, it's us! Book rant is a server made for people with an interest in writing and reading. Whether you like to write poems or read J.R.R Tolken books this is the place for you!

Beach City After Hours [18+]
Beach City After Hours …
630 members

We are the place to go for Steven Universe ERP! We want to create an open, welcoming space for anyone with a naughty mind to come and share their characters, their ideas, and hopefully bring those things to life!

The Roleplay Garden | 18+
The Roleplay Garden | 1…
598 members

Roleplaying with friends! A roleplaying community dedicated to being lighthearted and open.

DC 𝄁 Young Justice (𝘊𝘰𝘮…
53 members

We’re a casual roleplay server looking to expand into a diverse server based around DC's Young Justice Not to be confused with the Young Justice animation, this team consists of Red Robin, Superboy, Impulse, and Wondergirl as just a few members.

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