The World of Webfi.
The World of Webfi.
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Are you a Web3 musician looking to make an impact? The World of Web is a growing community of musicians, coders and creatives all working towards the common goal of progressing Web3 for creatives through our community dApp build

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CHROMA KNOWS is an Artist Management, Events and Music Marketing Company. We also provide many other services such as educational resources for the modern music industry and music production.

RedSkar Music Server
104 members

Calling all music producers! This a new server I made for my listeners. I go by RedSkar and I produce music, I want to grow a community of music producers of all genres and make new friends, and possibly collab music! Sounds interesting? Consider joining!

ChrØmium's Fun House
97 members

The official Discord server for the Canadian singer-songwriter and musician!

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Welcome to TUNE! Chat with people that are also into music, and find people to collaborate with.

83 members

🎹 Piano Active Community • 🎉 Make new friends • 🔥 Challenges • 🎥 Youtube Channel • 🎤 Practice Rooms

Mixed Media Arts
Mixed Media Arts
60 members

A server for all to share creative media amongst like minded individuals.

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ERIS serves as a new intimate and vibrant space for content creators and musicians to be themselves and share their own work. Our goal is to make every moment all the more real and worthwhile.

Hypnocrypt & friends <3
54 members

Netflix, Gaming & Music!! Sometimes coding and studies too :P

Blake Makes Music
54 members

Community for Musicians to Share Music to peers, suggest topics for the show and connect with one another.

Creators Nexus
33 members

A place for writers, artists and supporters of the creative arts to come together and discuss their projects or to just hang out.

The Backliners
25 members

A small Community that starts to grow everyday. we have - economy - music - events - make a new name for this server

9 members

With this club you have the opportunity to get news and updates from the "XBRK WORLD". 🎶 You can make your creations heard and seen, put your voice to the test and find other people like you interested in the world of music.

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We are looking for 2D Animators and Social Media Managers to join our team! Our requirements are 16+ years of age, Long time commitment and comfortable discussing sensitive topics. UNPAID ONLY.

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