Xeros - Entertainment

32 members

Welcome to our gaming, music, and technology server! We're excited to bring together programmers, gamers, and musicians to build and create amazing things.

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Creators Nexus

31 members

A place for writers, artists and supporters of the creative arts to come together and discuss their projects or to just hang out.

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Black Star Nine⁷♡✮

72 members

COME JOIN THE BEST PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET As long as youre respectful you will fit in like the last puzzle piece of an infinite puzzle, bonus points if youre a musician or play minecraft java

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Royce David

1,563 members

The #1 Discord for upcoming music producers.

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Where the Flowers Bloom

429 members

Welcome to Wolf’s Haleys! We're a server based on the musician Tyler, the Creator, but we talk about all kinds of music too! We have listen parties, game nights, .fmbot, fashion channel and more! Join us, you won't regret it :)

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Mixed Media Arts

70 members

A server for all to share creative media amongst like minded individuals.

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243 members

Are you a Web3 musician looking to make an impact? The World of Web is a growing community of musicians, coders and creatives all working towards the common goal of progressing Web3 for creatives through our community dApp build

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Hypnocrypt & friends <3

53 members

Netflix, Gaming & Music!! Sometimes coding and studies too :P

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38 members

ERIS serves as a new intimate and vibrant space for content creators and musicians to be themselves and share their own work. Our goal is to make every moment all the more real and worthwhile.

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786 members

If you're a musician or music lover looking to work with other musicians, producers, promoters, or you'd just like to be a part of a supportive and active arts community check out our discord server: A N T I P H O N

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The Backliners

21 members

A small Community that starts to grow everyday. we have - economy - music - events - make a new name for this server

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1,318 members

Setting the Tone for Innovation. LGBTQ+-positive Discord server for primarily electronic music producers, but also for any other kind of musician or artist!

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