The Black Diaspora (International)
The Black Diaspora (Int… Sponsor

A predominantly over 30's all-black community server. Expect to meet new people, hang out, share resources, and learn more about others who look just like you.

Musicians and Enthusiasts
Musicians and Enthusias…
1,084 members

Musicians and Enthusiasts was created as a space for 18+ music lovers to come together, network, and inspire. Get in here and have a good time with us. We have original content channels, qotd, games, and more.

Musician Universe
Musician Universe
4,215 members

A community dedicated to providing a social space for all musicians involved in any type of music.

478 members

Genrefy, a community for all the musicians and non-musicians has a simple single motive that is to provide every musician out there with work.

268 members

• Fun community with helpful members. • Active chat. • Group projects/ensembles. • Host your own practice sessions. • Talented musicians. • All musicians accepted. • Informal for learners. • Always accepting new members!

Doodeo - The LinkedIn f…
222 members

The LinkedIn for Musicians - Connect, Collaborate, and find opportunities.

🎺Mrgoldy Productions
🎺Mrgoldy Productions
144 members

🎺“Mrgoldy Productions” is a cool place to hang out, and spend time with other musicians and producers! On top of that, musicians and music producers will especially benefit from other musicians and music producers by sharing feedback, tips & tricks!

150 members

Game Of Rap is a Discord Server for all the Rappers / Singers / Musicians who are in the Earth. Join Game Of Rap (GOR) Discord Server for more enjoyment, fun, and many more. If you are Rapper / Musician / Singer / Beat Boxer then join.

mad musicians
63 members

hello! welcome to mad musicians: a server made for musicians, by musicians. we are: - LGBTQ+ friendly - New (2/26/22) - Band nerds - Welcoming to everyone! - 13+ if you like music, please consider joining :) thank you!

U.S. Air Force Band of …
40 members

A place for fans and musicians to learn about the Air Force Bands, see new releases, check upcoming events, and interact with our Airman-musicians!

Lünewright's Base
29 members

ERIS serves as a new intimate and vibrant space for content creators and musicians to be themselves and share their own work. Our goal is to make every moment all the more real and worthwhile.

Kena Crypto Community
187 members

Kena is a crypto utility token ready to launch on the Kena Music Community Platform.

2,033 members

The Meta Junkie Social Club is a collection of 9.999 unique pixelated guys stoned by the magic of the Solana Blockchain.

1,061 members

SYFT.GG is an online marketplace built by gamers for gamers. Within the platform, you can collaborate with all kinds of gamers and artists, to further monetize and grow your social media presence!

Record Label DAO
1,455 members

💽 Record Label DAO are building a artist launchpad with a record label in the background, making sure investors and musicians get a great IRO💽 ✅ Community for and by musicians and Industry Professionals 🎧 ✅ NFT's with Utility ✅ Whitelist open

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