Egirl Kingdom | Social • Fun • …

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✦ – a fun, chill & entertaining server. – ✧ – lots of nsfw channels. – ✦ – tons of downbad egirls. – ヤ ・ active chat's and vc's 24/7 ひ ・ lots of egirls ま ・ semi toxic community 英 ・ lots of giveaways! ❦ – 。˚ join now! ˚ 。– ❦

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FM bedroom music

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This Discord channel is a music sharing channel. Share music with each other by sharing the YOUTUBE video link.

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Anime Lofi | Social ✹ Chill ✹ M…

84 members

Trying to create a relaxed and social Lofi place for people to socialize and talk about whatever they like, so please join us so the server can grow. We are a pretty chill community and welcoming so feel free to join the server and have fun with us

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Haleyon ☾ Aesthetic Astro Serve…

123 members

Welcome to Haleyon ☾ Aesthetic Astro Server ✧ Gaming ✧ Anime ✧ Music ✧ Emotes! This is a public community discord server that is dedicated to providing a chill and fun environment for like-minded people to come together and enjoy their favorite things.

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Hi everyone. I hope you're doing well. I'm a music blogger and I cover meaningful songs from unknown artists. Join my server to stay updated about my posts on social media such as music reviews, did-you-know posts, biography posts, song quotes, etc.

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Music Production Central

132 members

Music Production Central | Make Friends & Make Music

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Hip-Hop Universe

2,987 members

Join to talk about all things Hip-Hop/Rap and music in general. Home to YouTuber Hip-Hop Universe.

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Roar Trap Music™

80 members

Promote your Music ! Drop a demo and join Roar Trap Music ! Talk Music, Share Music,... Available in French and English !

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🦋♡ Hangout Paradise ꔫ Chatting …

94 members

A community server that is for everyone, From anime to kpop, From music to chilling and hanging out, Gaming and much more. This server also has assassin roles.

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25 members


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😸Cat Cafe India || Art ♪ Music …

10,758 members

🎐 Server for socializing and networking with people of similar and different personas and hobbies. Join now !!

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Festival Of Music

18 members

Are you a Eurovision fan? Do you love music🎵 and country roleplay🗺️? Well, you have come to the right place😄! We are hosting a LGBTQ+🏳️‍🌈 friendly Eurovision fan contest where you can pick any nation in the world🤯!

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