Health Hero
Health Hero
49,181 members

Create your own personalized digital trading card, earn digital collectible art (Non-Fungible Tokens / NFTs), and virtual land. A super fun decentralized social well-being game where you compete in weekly competitions & challenge

Wholehearted Health
Wholehearted Health
1,476 members

Sharing recipes, tips & tricks, photos, community movie nights & more! All with like minded healthy lifestyle friends!

Epidemiology & Public Health
Epidemiology & Public H…
489 members

A cool place to discuss epidemiology and public health-related topics, and make new friends. Anyone can join!

Forest Escape - Mental Health
Forest Escape - Mental …
350 members

Hello and welcome to Forest Escape - Mental Health. An LQBTQ+ and mental health server, ready to help anyone in need of some support and friends. :)

Herbal Tea || 18+ Menta…
324 members

A cozy 18+ SFW server dedicated to providing a safe space for receiving and giving mental health support.

Canadian Mental Health …
198 members

This is an 18+ server for those with mental and/or physical health issues and disabilities regardless of severity, who are currently living in Canada.

self care ♡ mental heal…
113 members

Server for self care and mental health

Mental Health Support
Mental Health Support
42 members

Our goal here at Mental Health Support is to support those that may not have the correct support at home that they need.

Mental Health
15 members

A community where people suffering from mental health conditions can support each other.

mental health
14 members

mental health is a discord server for people who struggle with their mental health. Channels for every disorder as well as channels to make friends, play games, vent and a hotline. find people who understand you and have fun.

Mental Health
2 members

Here you can vent about everything, if you want to help people contact the owner

Veterinarian Mental Hea…
1 members

Community for veterinarians to discuss their struggles they've been facing in their field, mental health, advice & tips, research articles, news and more.

The Black Diaspora (International)
The Black Diaspora (Int…
2,338 members

A predominantly over 30's all-black community server. Expect to meet new people, hang out, share resources, and learn more about others who look just like you.

30,998 members

We're a diverse community with members coming from different places that share similar interests: fitness, wealth & mindset.

Effective Fitness
Effective Fitness
14,357 members

The best Fitness Discord, Effective Fitness is a welcoming community with a lot of resources. We have great advisors and personal trainers willing to help. We’ve also got a list of resources to contribute in enhancing your fitness knowledge

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