Socialize | Active VC Server • …

460,447 members

The most active VC server with over 400k members ☆ Packed Calls ☆ Chill Voice Chats ☆ Addicting Server Bots ☆ Cool Fun Events ☆ Giveaways ☆ Dating Memes ☆ Gaming ☆ Emotes ☆ Anime Popular Social Vcs ☆ More! Come chat, hangout and join our community vc's !

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Lemonade | Social・Nitro • Hango…

4,097 members

Welcome to lemonade, our active chatting server. We are always looking for new server members and would love for you to join.

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IA Condo Hentai Gen 2023

9,543 members

╭┅-★🔥・Roblox-Condo ★-┅╮ ╭ 🔞 18+ Safe for work community. ╭ 💬 Chill ╭ ⚡Active ╭ 🌎 Large Community ╭ 🎤 Social ╭ 🎮 Gaming ╭ 💕 Friendly ╭ 📸 Selfies ╭ 👥 Profiles ╭ 💌 Relationships ╭ ☣️ Non-Toxic ╭ 👑 By K4lash

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Passion Paradise | E Girls Midj…

12,931 members

🔥 ● Egirls and Eboys ❤️ ● Selfies and Dms ⭐️ ● Large and Very Active 💸 ● Nitro and Giveaways

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FriendZone | Make Friends ⋅ Fun…

51,074 members

⭐️ Meet tons of new people and make friends 🌎 One of the most active & entertaining chats on the platform ✨ Come hang out! 🔗

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Celrunia_QT Femboy lewds 🔞

186 members

૮₍ ˶•⤙•˶ ₎ა Personal server dedicated to 🥺 Celrunia_QT, a femboy! 😊 ༒︎ඞ─ඞ─ඞ─ඞ─ඞ༒︎ No toxicity or underage users allowed! 18+ only! ༒︎ඞ─ඞ─ඞ─ඞ─ඞ༒︎

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ZAMN | Zone Lounge²

607 members

Originally A Brawl Stars Server, Now A Socializing Server, We Offer: ♡ 150+ Members ♡ 1:1 Male To Female Ratio ♡ REAL Nitro Giveaways ♡ Active Chat ♡ No Toxicity ♡ Gender Specific Chats ♡ WE ARE BETTER ♡ Sincerely, A Not So Friendly, Ashley ♡

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118 members

A cute discord server with a simple dating section with verification and a bunch of good emojis and soundboards sound

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🏮 Liyue Harbor ✦ Genshin Impact

22,203 members

The #1 Genshin Giveaway server, providing guaranteed free Welkins, Nitro, Primogems, and more to everyone!

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Vex's Crib

771 members

Hey are you looking for a guy to sext with or anything like that. Join the server everything will be kept private dw. (girls only)

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202 members


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Girls Nsfw 🍑

300 members

This server is 18+ NSFW server. We are all adults ready to relax, chill and be sexy. We are the royalty of the NSFW. We are elegant and graceful. We offer fun, different plays, kinks, vanilla, role play, sexting, dirty game nights. Enjoy! 👑

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