𝐅𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐧 𝐒𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐬✟[IN DEV]

24 members

This is a discord server for a game that will be made with its own lore an expansive free roam world with no limitations to anything there are infinite possibilities

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Smash A Store DEV

48 members

Community for the upcoming meme game "Smash a Store"

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Dev's House

3,125 members

We have created a safe environment for education and productivity. It is an amazing place for those who are new or want to improve their programming skills. Everything on this server is based on helping each other. Please, be kind and ready to learn!

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📈Discord server - dev help🧩

40 members

Welcome to our 📈Discord server - dev help🧩 ⚡Server presentation 🔫Bots, games 💭Guides and tips ✅Advice on how to use Discord effectively 🚨Promotion 🧩Help and support

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Pizza Game Dev

175 members

Ciao, benvenuto in Game Dev a 360 Gradi. siamo una piccola community dedicata al Game Development in Italia.

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Gecoste DEV💜 | Разработка игр и…

92 members

『📃』Gecoste Studio 『📃』 Студия по разработке мобильных/пк игр, написание кода на популярных языках, сливы информации о наших проектах и многое другое

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Civilization [Mid Dev]

106 members

Are you looking for a unique planet/space adventure game? Civilization is an early stage, open-world, procedurally generated game on Roblox! Explore your star system, travel to different planets and more! Join our discord to support game development!

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OSS Dev Community

14 members

Share your OSS commitments and progress, communicate

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Little DEV School

213 members

Discord dedicado al desarrollo de videojuegos, arte 2D/3D y escritores. Contamos con: - Canales de recursos (DEV) - Canales especiales para los artista - Roles decorativos con los que identificarte - Un BOT propio con funciones interesantes

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Unreal Dev

9,750 members

Unreal Dev Community, We Talk Games and Films Development. Unreal, Unity and Cry Engine. Maya 3DsMax, Blender, 3D, Art, Code, CPP, C# ..

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🔑Wanheda | Akiyo・Dev

38 members

Serveur de développement Discord/FiveM/Bot et plein d'autre choses à découvrir !!

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🥇Game Dev en Español

1,858 members

Servidor dedicado al desarrollo de videojuegos en su más amplio sentido. Programación, arte, diseño, marketing... Todo lo que necesites y sólo en español.

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