Heavenly Marketplace

10,042 members

🌟Interested in 🛒-Buying, 🏷️-Selling or even 🔁-Trading your fortnite account? We present to you The Heavenly Marketplace. The safest, most reliable 👩‍💻digital market on discord currently. Feel free to come check us out today and get a deal done🤝!

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Dark Souls RP | The Wind of Lor…

8 members

Burası toksik olmayan, saygılı ve aktif olmayı planlayan bir Türkçe Dark Souls RP sunucusu. Gelmek istersen kapımız herkese açık.

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FromSoftware Discord フロムソフトウェア …

3,343 members

FromSoftware(フロムソフトウェア社)ゲームタイトルのDiscordサーバーです。 ELDEN RING(エルデンリング)・DARK SOULS(ダークソウル)・ARMORED CORE(アーマードコア)・Bloodborne(ブラッドボーン) など VC(ボイスチャンネル)・画面共有・攻略情報、合言葉マルチ募集、質問相談、アンケート、トレード&武器強化代行、PvP対人大会トーナメント、イラスト、動画・放送・サイトの宣伝告知などご自由にお使いください。

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The Convergence - Dark Souls 3

38 members

Join the Convergence, Experience a newer Dark Souls 3

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23,634 members

Soulsborne is a server related to Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Demon's Souls and Elden Ring.

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Sandy's Elden Ring Hub

4,370 members

A cozy and friendly server for Elden Ring, Dark Souls 3, and other Soulsborne games. We're a welcoming community where you can find boss help & coop partners, free runes/souls and gear drops & trades, build-making advice, PvP matches, and much more!

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Cinders Of Kailin

62 members

A Dark Fantasy RP set in the fictional world of Kailin. The story takes place two years after a mysterious organization called The Nightshade Order woke an ancient god from it's slumber to steal the sun, plunging the world into an endless dark.

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The Far Fire

86 members

Dark Souls community with lots of players ready to help new fellow undeads.

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Champion's Ashes Mod

7,678 members

Welcome to the official server for Champion's Ashes, a place dedicated to overhauling Dark Souls III. Here, you will find a comfortable gaming community and a place to learn more about our project. 2000+ Members and counting!

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Firelink Pub

13,930 members

Hello Hello, welcome to Firelink Pub! One of the biggest FromSoftware Discord Servers! The server is run by FromSoftware fans, made for FromSoftware fans. Enjoy your stay, long may the sun shine!

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Imperio de Lothric

6,829 members

Ayudamos a quien lo necesite en cualquier Soulslike, juego de Fromsoftware, RPGs y muchísimos juegos más. Tenemos roles y bots interactivos y una comunidad super activa. Alabemos al sol juntos. #DarkSouls #Soulslike #EldenRing #Bloodborne #RPG

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Armored Core 6

6,098 members

Moonlight Core is the unofficial community discord server for Armored Core discussion and pvp matchmaking. We also have a host of support channels for other FromSoftware titles such as Elden Ring and Dark Souls.

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