393 members

Cool aesthetic server for people to talk and hang out. We have so many features that I'm not even gonna try to fit them all into this description. Hope to see you there, cutie :)

353 members

Hello Welcome to Crptane Family Friendly non toxic community server where people's can hangout and make Friends

Night Fragger | Community
Night Fragger | Communi…
350 members

Here at hanging with my homies we  welcome new people. I'm trying to build this server from the ground up so Joining would support the program

141 members

Join us to help us. You won't regret it!

neverland 🌱🌍
neverland 🌱🌍
283 members

neverland, created 2020. over 250+ members. international. channels for everyone. just join and see for yourself!

272 members

A safe space for the LGBTQ+ community

⚡ AngelMC Mystical Fore…
222 members

A growing server with a fun mystical community filled with epic animators, artists, gamers and just your average type of discord people! ★ Official AngelMC Mystical Forest Server ★ Come join and check it out!

222 members

We are Samsara, an ancient clan that reveres the cycle of life and death. Join us and take you place in the karmic cycle!

Chill People
215 members

Chill place to find people to chat with.

Chill Region
212 members

A normal Discord community server.

197 members


140 members

Welcome to the paradise of both gamers and non-gamers. Play in our minecraft server and chat with new members

˚ʚ Kitty Café🐾જ⁀➴ ɞ˚
137 members

A cute aesthetic server with a small but growing community, if you’re looking for friends and a place to chill away from drama you’ve found it! ଘ(੭˃ᴗ˂)━☆゚.*・。゚

Laxin' Jazz
Laxin' Jazz
96 members

A place to vibe with friends, play games, count, listen to music, celebrate your birthday, post art, post memes, and much more!

116 members

・💬 Fanzy Chats ・🤖 Gaming Bots Chats zoals Counting, Economy en Dank Memer! 🐸 ・⭐ Exclusive Chats en Voice Channels ・👑 Leveling System, Kan jij de top chatter worden? ・🔊 Fancy Voice Channels En nog veel meer, Join Vandaag!

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