Commander Plaza
Commander Plaza
2,274 members

Welcome to Budget Commander! Casual commander games Newbie friendly,all ages welcome Monthly casual tournaments 5-10 In game servers a day New server, growing rapidly!

Colorado Commanders (MT…
51 members

Formed sometime after the fall of Phyrexia, & Based in Denver, Colorado we work to provide you safe & public spaces to play your Magic the Gathering (MTG) and Commander games. Get yourself connected, and then invite your friends to do the same.

EDH Unchained
EDH Unchained
2,608 members

EDH Unchained is a discord server dedicated to the EDH format of MTG. We host a place to play the game via webcam with paper cards, have brewing channels for making decks, and many other channels for other aspects of MTG.

Monarch Events
Monarch Events
1,865 members

Tournament server dedicated to hosting competitive EDH / Commander tournaments for the game Magic: the Gathering.

A2B FlightSim
A2B FlightSim
249 members

A2B FlightSim is a friendly and mature community dedicated to FS2004, FSX, FSX-Steam Edition, P3Dv1-5 and MSFS2020.

Proxy Pirates
Proxy Pirates
280 members

This is the official Discord server for ProxyPirates ( We play magic the gathering in almost all formats, we organize daily cEDH/edh tables and events, come and join

215 members

Играем в Dota2,Space Engineers,Supreme Commander 2 Летом планируем проводить небольшие турниры с призовыми по этим играм! Живое общение, знакомства, пати

Juliette 🍑
201 members

Juliette, 18 ans, Sain-Etienne. J'ai besoin d'un peu d'argent pour payer mes études. Je vais intégrer une prepa pour faire une école d'ingénieur mais les appartement étudiant sont très cher. N'hesitez pas a commander^^.

142 members

Where Cosmonauts And Astronauts From All Over Various Planets And Galaxies Hangout! Self Roles Are Included In The Server. Giveaways And Referral Program Are Included. Server Stats And Many More Also Looking For Staff Members To Have A New Set Of Eyes

Rise To A New Beginning
Rise To A New Beginning
99 members

Got a writing or reading itch that needs fixing? Or maybe you just want to hang out with like minded people. Rise To A New Beginning provides you the chance to do all that! Feel free to indulge yourself and join a community you feel comfortable in.

Tokyo Manji Gang
86 members

I hope we can have a good time y'all!

73 members

Welcome to the Elite army, hope you have a good time in here.

[TooEz] Insurgency: San…
36 members

We're an invite-only, Insurgency: Sandstorm group. Our members include some of the best frontline players in the EU region.

Pax Bellum
34 members

PAX BELLUM est un jeu de cartes à jouer et collectionner qui vous permet d’incarner de multiple personnage aussi bien historique que légendaire afin de réaliser des duels hors normes, intemporel et normalement impossible…

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