Death Band Fan Server™
Death Band Fan Server™
296 members

A Server dedicated to Chuck Schuldiner and the band, Death.

BandHouse Podcast
21 members

BandHouse Podcast is for you if you are in a band...have been in a band or just love music!

Musicians and Enthusiasts
Musicians and Enthusias…
1,371 members

Musicians and Enthusiasts was created as a space for 18+ music lovers to come together, network, and inspire. Get in here and have a good time with us. We have original content channels, qotd, games, and more.

My Chemical Romance
My Chemical Romance
10,991 members

Welcome! We are the official server for the My Chemical Romance subreddit. Our server offers friendly staff and members, seasonal events, a dedicated Minecraft server, subreddit and twitter feeds, and much more! So come on in and join us!

Musician Universe
Musician Universe
5,023 members

A community dedicated to providing a social space for all musicians involved in any type of music.

Black Country, New Road
Black Country, New Road
2,601 members

The server for all things Black Country, New Road: a seven-piece band based in London

2,465 members

Music Mania is a fast paced, short session style card game situated in a Manhattan metaverse. This was built using WarDucks’ industry leading, real-world data mapping platform.

1,833 members

A Server for people who like the band Tool ^^

Exile XCIX
1,239 members

For centuries and through dimensions, a governing elite 1% have put in place rules, regulations and restrictions to control the ‘remainder’. Outcast from their own dimensions, a gang of Exiles band together to fight for the remainder.

cavern club
731 members

The official fan-made r/TheBeatles subreddit discord, not to be confused with r/beatles

673 members

The official server for Dayglow band! Ran by the community

indie city
indie city
625 members

This is a server for people who like indie music alternate rock and normal rock. U can discuss music, talk to other people, promote your music and play music the main purpose of this server is for people similar taste in music to talk about indie music

604 members

Official discord for SEPSISS - a Female fronted heavy metal/ hard rock band from Manchester, New Hampshire.

The Fallen Ones
38 members

A D&D server for all! Whether you're a newbie to the game, or a seasoned vet, we are open to all to come and play. Games are linked through dndbeyond, and handled by a bot, so you don't even need to leave the server to play. Come join us!

.・" The Corrupt ".・゚✧ 》 [WCRP]
.・" The Corrupt ".・゚✧ 》…
80 members

A new dawn of cats have been reawakened - and they call themselves: The Corrupt. Tasked with rotting the clans from the inside out, and unbeknownst amongst their clanmates, will this heinous legion recruit enough traitors to overthrow the forest?

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