Signals R Us

3,815 members

The #1 Trade Signals Discord! 🚨 Entries & Exits 🚨 Daily Live Trading 🚨 Educational Content 🚨 Trading Analysis 🚨 Trade with Experienced Analysts 🚨 Insider Info 🚨 Market News 🚨 24/7 Support 🚨

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Vanilla Architecture ++

230 members

Here you will meet others from the community of Arch Nations, where Minecraft Builders and Architects come together

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Software Architecture

328 members

All about software architecture.

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Architecture Lounge

493 members

Architecture Lounge is the best server to hang out with other architects & designers and learn more about architecture!

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Ganjavi AI

795 members

azGPT - a custom fully fine-tuned and optimized OpenBetaX's neural network model, it's based on own architecture, on own neural networks and can generate images, and can make poems, text, and have internet access

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568 members

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system, referred to within WordPress as Themes.

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Building Community | ShapeWorks

3,218 members

Only for the BEST! We Have the biggest building community of minecraft focused on architecture and design. We have a CROSSPLAY (hava & bedrock) server! If you’re a good builder or want to be then surely drop by as this is YOUR community!

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Yokosuka Academy (18-30)

238 members

A Magical University Rp filled with custom ocs, classes, lore, and an amazing staff team! Founded May 2023

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Four-Corners RP

23 members

Welcome to Four Corners! This is a roleplay server centered around the theme of factions. There are 4 in total, Each one having its own unique push and pull factors, and are somewhat rivaled against each other. Almost all characters are welcome here!

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Basileia Private Academy for th…

23 members

This is the Basileia Private Academy for the Gifted rpg! You can be a professor, student, royal, villain and more!

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CIty Life RP/Factions

23 members

City LIfe RP/Factions

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315 members

Welcome to the Rosefolk! We are a community of Esotericists, Spiritualists, Anthroposophists and everything inbetween.

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