Slabble NFT (MultiversX)

Slabble was born from the desire to take WEB3 out of digital world, reaching those who are still stuck in WEB2. WEB3 is still far from mainstream, so we need products to reach those who are outside crypto, blockchain and NFTs. Our mission is to simplify the transition, how? Thanks to the official NFT collections, comic and board game! What about the NFT Collection !? One of the most unique NFT collection in MultiversX! The collection consists in 1500 Slabble, high quality 3D, designed and modeled in Blender. The limited number makes each single piece rarer. Furthermore, the limited supply guarantees a greater number of rewards to each individual holder. Colorful traits and a unique style, every Slabble is super cute! Some traits have a special aesthetic style and there are even unique 1:1 Slabbles! 30% of the royalties will be redistributed to all holders Stake / Farm system to distribute rewards from sold-out Free Comics SFT/NFT airdrop Rewards from board game sales Access to board game development Access to future collections, partnerships and airdrops Discount and merchandising COMIC BOOK AND BOARD GAME Board Game: The best way to spread web3 is to bring it directly to those who don't know anything about it. For this reason Slabble will develop the board game to be distributed in physical stores, becoming the first NFT project on the MutiversX (Elrond) to produce a board game. Slabble board game will entertain and bring people together, while providing doses of knowledge about blockchain, NFTs and crypto, helping players discover this amazing world! Comic Book: Comics are part of pop culture and are the perfect tool to tell a story. It will enrich the entire ecosystem with a story that will tell the origins of Slabbles but also an entire adventure that will give a great background to the whole ecosystem. Each comic will have its own SFT/NFT which will be airdropped for free to all Slabble holders.

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The Slabble NFT (MultiversX) Discord server was created on Aug. 19, 2022, 6:18 p.m. (1 year, 9 months ago)

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