Project ME

WE ARE LOOKING FOR ANDROID TESTERS Project ME is a RPG simulation mobile game, the brand new sequel to the My Time series created by Pathea, which is currently in the early stage of development. The game will have both single and multiplayer gameplay, offering players the freedom to build homes, towns and cities, as well as many new NPCs to accompany us on this journey. This "building together" atmosphere will not only exist in the game world, but will also accompany the whole game development process. Therefore, we invite you to join us and create a new world, a cozy and friendly community, with us.

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What is the server invite for the Project ME Discord server?

The invite link for the Project ME Discord server is

When was the Project ME Discord server created?

The Project ME Discord server was created on July 5, 2022, 4:32 p.m. (5 months ago)

Is the Project ME Discord server SFW?

Yes, Project ME is marked as SFW, meaning it should only contain topics that are safe for a work environment.